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mills23 started new topic Helping toddlers understand their emotions

Hi, I was wondering whether anyone can recommend books for a 2yr old that help teach emotional control ...I'm looking for little books (or set of books) that cover anger, sadness, happiness etc. D...

Sunday 18 June 06:55am

mills23 replied to topic Makes himself vomit

Hi! My son use to do this as well, but never to the stage he made himself vomit. I figured it was something new to experiment with. New sound/ great reaction from mum and dad! It got worse when we ...

Thursday 27 April 09:20am

mills23 started new topic Booster seats (table)

Hi! Can anyone recommend a booster seat that we could use so DS can sit at the table with us? He's a big boy .. and ones I have seen in Target/ Kmart all seem quite small (but perhaps this is just ...

Wednesday 19 April 02:50pm

mills23 replied to topic milk

Hi Kylie, My DH drinks Long Life milk .. but I've always kept skinny milk for myself and full cream for DS. I was curious about this myself for when we went camping (save carrying oodles of varieti...

Tuesday 18 April 03:51pm

mills23 started new topic PainStop (Analgesic syrup)

Hi All! DS is recovering from an op., and is having a few uncomfortable moments especially at night. The pharmacist recommended using a night-time analgesic syrup called PainStop (in conjunction wi...

Tuesday 18 April 03:41pm

mills23 replied to topic What time to drop 1 bottle

Hi Julie! My DS is now 2, but from memory I opted to drop the dinner bottle first, then worked up to dropping the lunch time bottle. As far as making the changes (substituting formula for milk then...

Sunday 16 April 12:10pm

mills23 replied to topic easter?

Hi Preggies! Good Friday is the 14th April this year ... Comes around quick hey? Cheers, Sue

Sunday 02 April 10:49am

mills23 replied to topic Secrets of the baby whisperer

Hi Kare I really enjoyed this book. Found it a wealth of info/ inspiration in setting feeding, sleep and play routines and looking after yourself etc. Got a lot out of how to undertand babys' cr...

Saturday 01 April 07:16pm

mills23 replied to topic Welcome - Ryan Charles

Congratulations to you and your family Kelly! Always had a soft spot for the name Ryan (Celtic - meaning 'little ruler'). How appropriate is that! He'll certainly be the centre of your world!! ...

Thursday 30 March 06:37pm

mills23 replied to topic Winter is coming

Hi Karen! We went through the same thing with DS! I highly recommend investing in a sleep suit . You can get them with feet, or like a little sleeved sleeping bag. With the sleeping bag ones, the...

Tuesday 28 March 05:15pm

mills23 replied to topic hi5 cake tin?

Hi Chris, I've never seen a cake tin for Hi-5. However I did see a edible Hi-5 cake hand decoration while browsing for something similar on ebay. Hope this helps. Sue

Tuesday 28 March 10:02am

mills23 started new topic Inguinal Herniotomy/ Hydrocele

Hi! Our DS is going in for a inguinal herniotomy in a few weeks time to correct a hydrocele problem in one of his testicles (fluid retention). It seems a very simple procedure (day surgery), but wa...

Saturday 25 March 11:39am

mills23 replied to topic Aidan Joel

And I bet you're STILL smiling !!! Congratulations on your new arrival. Hope he brings lots of love and happiness to your family. All the best!

Tuesday 21 March 06:29pm

mills23 started new topic Spoiling Children

Hi Everyone! Have just been wondering what makes a child behave like a 'spoilt brat'? I once read that you cannot spoil a toddler by giving them things that they don't ask for, spoiling only happe...

Monday 20 March 05:08pm

mills23 started new topic Once Upon A.... (3 worded story)

Once, upon a tall building, there ...

Thursday 13 October 04:11pm

mills23 started new topic Bowen Therapy?

Hi, Just out of curiosity I was wondering whether anyone had tried Bowen Therapy? I'm interested in trying it for myself to relieve stress/ headaches - kind of looking to hit that 'reset' button, k...

Wednesday 12 October 04:56am

mills23 replied to topic Left handed, will she change?

Hi Mummyto1, I thought your post was interesting, as I'd never really thought about how a child becomes left or right handed. At 19 months my son uses both hands; one night he'll feed himself with ...

Tuesday 11 October 05:14am

mills23 replied to topic Word Game


Monday 10 October 10:08am

mills23 replied to topic Getting scared...

Hi Sara, When our DS was about the same age he all of a sudden became absolutely pertified of the vacuum cleaner. I hadn't had any issues beforehand, in fact he was an exceptional placid baby, and ...

Thursday 06 October 12:54pm

mills23 replied to topic wetting thru in the morning

Hey Susanne, My little lad (18 mth) is a big piddler, and I know exactly where you're coming from. DS sleeps all night, and he's one of these kids that doesn't object to a wet hindie. He has his ni...

Wednesday 05 October 08:48am
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