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vivf replied to topic HUGGIES BABY WIPES??

I bought everything before my first as I went along and think although home wipes etc are cheaper and probably better for the baby/environment The huggies wipes are great and just make life much ea...

Tuesday 01 January 06:40am

vivf replied to topic Routines - I need help, please(!)

I have a 3 year old, an 18 month old and another on the way. I made a rule with the second that no matter what I wanted to have a time when both were sleeping so I had a break. The end aim being ...

Tuesday 01 January 06:17am

vivf replied to topic The Safety Of Homebirth

I am from the UK where homebirth is very very common and treated just like one of the accepted options. Therefore on my first I wanted a homebirth but later decided on a natural birthing centre si...

Monday 31 December 09:25pm

vivf started new topic Mucus Plugs and time left to go

I am so ready to have my baby. I was 39 weeks on Friday and passed the plug thing last Tuesday. Since then I have had little cramps every day but nothing else unfortunately. I get induced on Tue...

Monday 12 June 03:34pm

vivf replied to topic Not sleeping

I stopped sleeping at 20 weeks on Poppy and was awake by 2am every day for the rest of the pregnancy, with working in the day it was hard to get a nap in. then I had my daughter and she woke every...

Thursday 25 May 05:06pm

vivf replied to topic How & when to stop bottle feeds

I read that too and also somewhere that they should be one. I breastfed until one. I had been giving her water in a cup from abotu 6 months, she didnt like it in the beginning but I gave it to he...

Monday 10 April 05:38pm

vivf replied to topic The earliest anyone has felt Baby move?

I felt my first jsut before 14 weeks, I am on my second and didnt feel her until 19 weeks so was most put out. I think its to do with the position they are in, I am small and my first was in a pos...

Monday 10 April 04:23am

vivf replied to topic Opinions needs for girls name

For my first little girl, names I had on the list were: Tatian Summer Holly Brooke Abbie (The fathers Joy) Imogen Meg Paige Taliesin (radient brow) Taryn (Queen) Tegan (beautiful person) Nieve Raeg...

Monday 10 April 04:16am

vivf replied to topic what kind of fish?

I cook salmon with broccoli and pasta which my baby loves - I usually steam it. She also likes white fish - I just ask the fishman the one recommended for pregnant mums ie the ones that are not de...

Monday 12 December 07:45pm

vivf started new topic How I got my 9.5 month old to sleep at night.

At 9.5 months my little girl woke frequently although I had no problem getting her to sleep in the first place. She was breastfed and a happy baby. I didnt want to control cry although I had to w...

Monday 12 December 06:31am

vivf started new topic How you weaned

I am going to try to wean my daughter in December and am a little worried about how to do it. I thought I would try the don't offer/dont refuse approach however I would really like her to take a c...

Saturday 12 November 07:12pm

vivf replied to topic What are you feeding your 10 month olds

Hi there Poppy is 10 months old, eats everything although she only has two teeth - an example of her daily meals go like this: bf 6am breakfast 8am piece of brown toast, kiwi fruit or orange (in...

Monday 07 November 06:44pm

vivf replied to topic Baby Modelling

I entered this competition and Poppy was accepted as a model in quite a few agencies. We decided not to pursue it for various reasons but I did look into it. There are a variety of agencies- expe...

Thursday 29 September 04:42am

vivf replied to topic 10mth twins still not sleeping through

I have sleep problems too - tresillion seems to have helped lots of people on this forum - have you thought of taking them there?

Saturday 16 July 06:32pm

vivf replied to topic Still feeds every 2 hours

Mine did - they said every 3 hours was normal for most breastfed babies and with poppy it went 3 hours from start of one feed to start of next so it was (and still is) pretty constant. You can try...

Wednesday 13 July 02:02pm

vivf replied to topic any babies born january 05

Poppy, my little girl was born at the beginning of December but was due at the end of January and so is more like a January baby. Shes not crawling or looking like she will soon and is very frust...

Thursday 07 July 03:42pm
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