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Its_Jess replied to topic 2nd labour?

wow you might have a very quick one then, my friend was around 4hrs first time and 1hr second. My first was 16+ and second 8hrs so half the time. I wasnt so sure when the real contractions were go...

Wednesday 14 May 04:13am

Its_Jess replied to topic Labour TENS - pain relief

Hi, Sorry it took so long to post back - I had my daughter 2 weeks ago now, It was an 8 hour labour. I put the Tens machine on after an hour or so of contractions and started using it through the ...

Wednesday 14 May 04:02am

Its_Jess started new topic Running around in circles!!

Hi Just wondering if anyone else's toddler's run around in circles. My daughter loves placing something on the floor and running around it til she gets dizzy. If i catch her overdoing it a divert ...

Tuesday 29 April 01:51pm

Its_Jess replied to topic 1yr old smacks mummy

With my daughter, I told her from a young age to be gentle or careful when she started to get rough. she has tried to hit one or two times and tends to throw things around when she gets frustrated!...

Tuesday 29 April 01:41pm

Its_Jess replied to topic songs ur toddler sings?

My 2 yr old absolutely loves to sing and dance. She sings the words and moves to: [list]Open Shut Them[/list] [list]Twinkle Little Star[/list] [list]Itsy Spider[/list] [list]Rockabye Your Bear / Ho...

Tuesday 29 April 04:29am

Its_Jess replied to topic Bad experiance with the hospital?

Thats shocking - some midwifes really should get a change of career if they cant stay calm and reassuring, as that is part of there job afterall. they sound disorganised you can get bad doctors an...

Tuesday 29 April 03:28am

Its_Jess replied to topic Karicare Gold

Hi, How old is your baby? Not on solids yet? I had a terrible time with my daughter, she is now 2 and has grown out of most troubles, but we spend over a year with her constipation, doctors and pa...

Thursday 24 April 03:38am

Its_Jess started new topic How do your births compare - in the week your baby was born.

Hi I'm just wondering how simular births are in the way of what week your baby arrived. Im having number 2 and by this time last preg i was giving birth, Im almost 38weeks am i more likely to ha...

Saturday 19 April 10:50am

Its_Jess replied to topic Labour TENS - pain relief

Hi Rach, I just realised they have a forum on the labour tens further down the page.. whoops It seems a good investment but i had trouble ordering it online today - am a little worried it wont ma...

Saturday 19 April 09:23am

Its_Jess started new topic Labour TENS - pain relief

Hi, Has anyone used labour Tens before? Im already 37 weeks and realised i have to hire a machine if im going to get one. Would love to hear some stories, says how it works wonders. www.labourte...

Friday 18 April 10:56am

Its_Jess started new topic Small Red Rash in Crease- can i use powder?

Hi, My 3month old has a small red rash on one side of her neck.. in the crease of skin which is always hiding. I think its from her favouring one side. It is a little smelly and was worried abou...

Monday 12 June 10:35am

Its_Jess started new topic Chapped Lips

Hey, Does anyone have any remidies for chapped lips. My newborn is 1week old and all the breast feeding seems to be damamging the top lip, and is slowly peeling. Anyone else found this? Breast mi...

Saturday 18 March 10:17am

Its_Jess started new topic Tears and Troubles - Stitches Fall Out Anyone?

Hi, I just found a stitch on my maternity pad and am a little concerned as i thought they were meant to dissolve not come out? Anyone had this happen? I feel like its taking forever to heal but ...

Thursday 16 March 06:39am

Its_Jess started new topic Fainting during labour

Hi I was wondering if anyone has ever fainted during labour and how it effects the situation. I have a tendancy to faint, Having bad period pains in the past has sent me to pass out, maybe the b...

Friday 10 March 12:45am

Its_Jess replied to topic HELP!!! period 8 days late, negative blood test...

Hi, Apparantley sometimes the body can miss periods due to stress or the fact that you think your pregnant. This has happened to me a few times in the past. I thought I was pregnant at 3 differen...

Wednesday 22 February 05:56am

Its_Jess started new topic Pain on right side

Hi All I've got this kinda sharpish pain on my right side, that seems to be lasting for a long time (hours) I'm at 24weeks and read that you get these pains due to growing stretching etc. Has a...

Tuesday 06 December 03:23pm

Its_Jess started new topic "low placenta"

Hey All.. How is everyone. I had my ultrasound yesterday and found out im having a girl! and i thought it was a boy. She was energetic, wouldnt stay still!! And smiled for her photo!! I was wond...

Saturday 05 November 04:34am

Its_Jess started new topic period like pain

Hi I've been getting cramping like period pain on and off with no other symptoms and from what ive heard this is normal during pregnancy. has anyone else experienced this?

Thursday 01 September 08:33am

Its_Jess started new topic Sydney Babies for 2006

Hi how many members are from sydney due next year? what hospitals? I'm due march at Sutherland Hospital

Monday 22 August 02:45am

Its_Jess started new topic Is Milo bad??

Hi. I;ve replaced my caffenine/coffee with milo but i seem to be drinking lots of milo throughout the day. Does anyone know if milo is bad. (malt) Too much of anything is bad. but what about say...

Thursday 18 August 02:14am
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