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tanya23 started new topic child care in ipswich

I am thinking about putting my 11 month old son in child care but not really sure how to pick a good one. Can anyone recommend a good child care place hopefully around the Raceview, Flinders view a...

Monday 01 May 06:09am

tanya23 replied to topic baby blues

Hi yana. I am 23 and have a 10 month old son. i too felt like i had the baby blues when first having my son. my partner was no help as he was trying to cope with the death of his father. I don't ...

Monday 13 March 05:13pm

tanya23 started new topic Slogans for formula feeders?

After reading the thread "Shut up". it's become clear that some mother are becoming depressed after not being able to Breast feed. And the slogan breast is best seems to rub it in thier face. Can ...

Saturday 11 March 03:42pm

tanya23 started new topic problems with Fisher Price toys

All the toys Ryan got for Christmas was Fisher Price toys because i thought the were good value toys. I made sure i had spare batteries for Christmas mornig so Ryan could play with them. to my hor...

Tuesday 27 December 06:15pm

tanya23 replied to topic breast refusal

My son is 7 months old and breatfeed. I was told by the CHN that the milk is still just as important as their solids. ( not sure if she was only talking about 7 month olds though, alot can change i...

Sunday 11 December 05:04pm

tanya23 replied to topic Irregular sleep pattern at night

I was just wondering does your DD sleep with a dummy or fall alseep during feeds. If so she may have a slepping association and when she wakes she wonders were these things are gone. I had this pro...

Monday 07 November 01:09pm

tanya23 started new topic DNA testing

Who has to pay for a DNA test? my friend ex is not attmiting he is the father of her 3 week old son. She knows that he is the father. but without him sighning the birth certificate or some other le...

Sunday 06 November 11:02am

tanya23 started new topic how to use ferugreek. .

I work at a fruit and veg shop where we sell ferugreek seeds. I was woundering if anyone new if and how to use these to help milk supply of do you need to but the tablets? I only found that these c...

Wednesday 02 November 04:21pm

tanya23 replied to topic First Babies-Usually Late???

Hi just wanted to wish you the best of luck. It is comman for your first bub to be a little late. isn't It a amazing feeling to know that you will be a mum any day now.

Saturday 22 October 03:50pm

tanya23 started new topic Top 5 toys

hi everyone. with christmas comming so fast i was wondering what peoples top 5 toys are and for what age. Also if you have any toys you recomend to avoid that would help too.

Saturday 22 October 03:20pm

tanya23 started new topic SORRY MELIS

I would just like to say sorry if my post on young mums offended you i didn't mean to say that you were not a good mum because of your age. I was just trying to say that 16 year olds could be good ...

Monday 17 October 01:18pm

tanya23 started new topic What's a Young Mum? Change room without chairs!

I was just wondering. How young is a young mum? I had my son 11 days befor my 23rd birthday and was wondering if i am a "young" mum. I get all the your to young looks but feel that i am more then r...

Monday 17 October 06:54am

tanya23 started new topic smelly poo.

I have just started my 5 month old on solids. mostly mashed pototao and pumpkin and he loves it. However his poo has become really really smelly. I can smell it from 3 meters away. it has a sort of...

Monday 17 October 06:22am

tanya23 started new topic sleeping on tummy

My 4 1/2 month old son has just started to roll in the last two weeks but now when i put him down to sleep he wants to roll and sleep on his tummy. when i move him he wakes and does not settle unti...

Sunday 02 October 06:58am

tanya23 started new topic Baby health nurse. not always right

Just thought i would share something that annoyed me. i was having problems with my son refusing the breast. I asked the baby health nurse at my local baby clinic and she just replied how long do ...

Friday 09 September 06:14pm

tanya23 replied to topic anny babys born in May 05 :)

my son was born 10\05\05. they get so big so fast. love to hear how your bub is going.

Wednesday 31 August 11:15am

tanya23 replied to topic Weight loss Challange!! Loose 10kg by Christmas!!!

I am also trying to loose weight for summer. I joined a gym with my sisiter and found the company and encouragement helpfull. i have also noticed a change in my weight. i love to snack and dont oft...

Wednesday 31 August 10:10am

tanya23 started new topic headlice and breast feeding

To my horror i found i had head lice. When i went to the chemist to get a treatment. I read that most treatments said not to be used for breastfeeding mothers. i asked the pharasist at two differen...

Thursday 18 August 12:46pm

tanya23 replied to topic Infant size nappies

my son is 12 weeks old and just moved out of newborn because they were to short and he was leaking out the top. i didn't realise that huggies didn't stock infant untill talking to my sister who s...

Friday 05 August 01:15pm

tanya23 started new topic baby shower gift

I have a baby shower to go to on saturday and wanted some gift ideas. I was thinking of buying a baby singlet and getting the guest to sighn it then getting it framed. is this a good idea of would ...

Friday 05 August 12:23pm
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