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Katey replied to topic Engorgement - ouch

This website should give you all the right information you need about "Engorgement" & Too Much Milk :

Tuesday 20 November 03:24pm

Katey replied to topic any tips on sleep

I'm finding that using my Lavender Wheat Heat pack has been helping sort out my aches and pains in bed, helps me drift off to sleep. It's more the "out there" dreams that keep waking me of a night ...

Friday 12 October 10:38am

Katey replied to topic Cervix Not Ready

Yup it dissolves in there and your basically just left with the outside of the capsule when you wake up. It is best to use it just before you go to bed.

Friday 12 October 10:35am

Katey replied to topic Cervix Not Ready

I used a Evening Primrose capsule and inserted it "down there". It helps to ripen and ready the cervix for birth - the morning after I had used it I went into labour - so to me I think it works

Friday 12 October 10:26am

Katey replied to topic Raspberry leaf

I also started taking Raspberry Leaf tablets (Blackmores) at 33 weeks. Does anyone seriously take the recommended dose though? Gosh if I did that I would be forever buying bottles of the stuff lol!...

Friday 12 October 10:18am

Katey replied to topic what to wear in labour?

My first labour I bought a nice little cheap nightie (lightweight and with nice thin straps so easy to pull down and feed/cuddle bubs) and I have done the same in preparation for this labour (I cou...

Friday 12 October 10:15am

Katey replied to topic can lavender induce or influence labour?

I don't think it's a myth, the night before I went into labour I rubbed a lavender satchel all over my belly and slept with it under my pillow that night - labour started very early that next morni...

Wednesday 10 October 06:23am

Katey replied to topic Elevit

Well when I first found out I was pregnant I started taking the Blackmores Gold Formular - they made me terribly sick on top of the morning sickness I was already going through!! I changed over to ...

Tuesday 09 October 04:11pm

Katey replied to topic Whats the difference??

I'd also like to add to this question - what is a mobile epidural??

Tuesday 09 October 04:03pm

Katey replied to topic Touchy Subject - Circumcision (POSITIVE ONLY)

We also used Dr Terry Russell at Mt Gravatt - couldn't recommend them more highly in my opinion. As KB said my son only cried because his dummy fell out (nurse was holding his legs so couldn't pop ...

Tuesday 09 October 04:01pm

Katey replied to topic Colostrum is in!

I have also had colostrum from very early on in both pregnancies it's not that uncommon.

Friday 05 October 05:49am

Katey replied to topic Anti-D

I am Rhesus-Negative as well. I have had to have the shots with both of my pregnancies. My shots have always been in the arm or the thigh - never the bum/belly/hip! Oh and a Dr or midwife who is go...

Thursday 04 October 05:07pm

Katey replied to topic Husband problems

My DP was so very supportive of my first pregnancy, I think because it was our first and he happened to be a boy played a big factor. Now that I'm pregnant with baby No. 2 he seems not as intereste...

Thursday 04 October 05:43am

Katey replied to topic sizes of babies

My first was born 7lb and was a terrible labour and I'm not sure about the size of this second one, my GP seems to think she is quite small so time will tell!

Thursday 04 October 05:28am

Katey replied to topic FINALLY!!!!

Congrats on sorting out a name, we have finally sorted a name out for out little girl to be - we have decided on "Emma" her middle name will most probably be Louise but that is still up in the air ...

Tuesday 02 October 06:43am

Katey replied to topic is ur baby due in november 07?

My little cherub is due on the 5th of November - can't wait that long though - getting sooo impatient lol!

Thursday 27 September 04:16pm

Katey replied to topic Breast pump suggestions/ recommendations?

I have a "Nuk" Electric Breast Pump - works a treat & was a very good buy, I think we paid about $80-$90 for it on sale.

Wednesday 26 September 03:54pm

Katey replied to topic Bleeding while pregnant

Sounds like an implantation bleed - but I would ring the Dr's just incase, especially go see a Dr if you are Rhesus Negative blood group as you will require an Anti-D shot for any bleeds you have.

Wednesday 26 September 03:51pm

Katey replied to topic LEAKY BOOBS!

I leaked with my first pregnancy but so far haven't had any leaking during this second pregnancy.

Thursday 20 September 09:30am

Katey replied to topic ITCHY BELLY

My belly gets really itchy every now and then (I've put it down to the skin stretching as bubby gets bigger) I use Palmers Cocoa Butter for Pregnancy & Stretch Marks - great stuff and really helps ...

Thursday 20 September 09:15am
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