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Ayates replied to topic C-Section to Normal Birth

I had a c-section nearly 3 months ago, and I was told that I can have a vaginal birth, as long as I don't get pregnant within 2 years (from memory) - unless of course some complication (like l...

Saturday 03 December 10:06am

Ayates started new topic Sucking hand

Hi there, my nearly 3 month old sucks her hand to the point where she chokes on it, is this normal?? Thanks!

Saturday 03 December 09:28am

Ayates replied to topic Formula Guilts?

Why do you feel guilty? you're feeding your baby, and that is the main thing! There is absolutely no reason for you to feel guilty for feeding your baby formula. xxxx

Saturday 03 December 09:16am

Ayates replied to topic Have you used or would you use a pregnancy planner or journal?

I would love to have a pregnancy journal, with check lists and things to get prepared for when you are at certain weeks - especially with this being my first baby. So if you find anything please l...

Friday 10 June 10:16am

Ayates replied to topic Coffee and pregnancy

Thank you, that makes sense I mean I'm obviously not going to lace my coffee with drugs haha

Wednesday 20 April 08:07pm

Ayates replied to topic Coffee and pregnancy

Thank you all for all the useful comments, I just wanted reassurance that everything was all good with a bit of caffeine added to the mix. The last response was a bit ridiculous, however.

Wednesday 20 April 07:57pm

Ayates started new topic Coffee and pregnancy

Hi everyone, what is peoples thoughts on having coffee while pregnant? I only started drinking coffee again a couple weeks ago (when I was 18 weeks I think), I really missed it - and I have read ...

Saturday 16 April 08:41am

Ayates replied to topic Movement 18 weeks

I just posted about this - I am 20 weeks (on Monday 18 April) and I felt last night and this morning intense movement, like she was doing somersaults and everything - I think I felt a few kicks or ...

Saturday 16 April 08:02am

Ayates started new topic A movement question for experienced child bearers :)

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum (have never posted before) and have a question for all you experienced child bearers hehe. I am 22 years old and pregnant with my first child (she is a ICD baby...

Saturday 16 April 07:53am
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