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lindyhugs started new topic 11 year age gap between babies

My oldest daughter is 12 then Lindy 17 months and Stevie 9 weeks. I was just looking at my name at the end of a post and it said Julia, mum of Lindy and Stevie. Oops, Lauren was left out. Lauren...

Wednesday 07 June 02:38pm

lindyhugs started new topic Do you have a recipe for Caramel Tart? Totally for mums indulgence.

I have tried to make a Caramel Tart with a recipe off the internet and it was a disaster. I would love to make it at home and eat it. I only have Edmonds cook books from NZ which are great but ar...

Friday 02 June 10:04am

lindyhugs started new topic What does lol mean?

I have no idea what lol means. I can work out most others but this is so commonly used and so frustrating as I have no idea. Thanks.

Thursday 01 June 12:12pm

lindyhugs replied to topic what can i do???

I hope you are feeling a little better now as a c section can be difficult. I always wished I was one of those mums that walked back with my baby from the labour ward. They make it look so easy l...

Thursday 01 June 10:58am

lindyhugs replied to topic My hubby bought me Flowers!!!

My hubby cooked me a beautiful dinner and bathed the babies without help, I normally dress them as he has fingers missing. By the time he started on the dishes I was really worried. He finally ad...

Wednesday 31 May 09:26am

lindyhugs replied to topic worried about mini pill

I also got my period 2 days after starting the mini pill which really annoyed me as I bled for 7 weeks then went on to a period. They didn't come back for 6 months after my last baby breastfeeding...

Wednesday 31 May 08:12am

lindyhugs replied to topic coughs and colds

My baby was born 7 weeks premmie, she came out of hospital at 35 weeks gestational age and got a cold off us within days. She sniffs and snorts terribly, being so young I wasn't willing to try any...

Wednesday 31 May 07:56am

lindyhugs replied to topic Air NZ

I fly Freedom Air and found them wonderful. We didn't get meals being a budget airline but you could buy snack packs for kids and activity packs, also limited hot food, and of course drinks. They...

Sunday 28 May 01:01pm

lindyhugs replied to topic Tattoo representing motherhood!?!

The maori Koru represents new life. It is a circular kind of frond off the Punga, Silver fern that represents NZ, otherwise known here as the tree fern. I have a Hei Matau which is a fish hook tha...

Wednesday 24 May 09:41am

lindyhugs started new topic Stevie Dawn has arrived

Hi, Announcing the birth of my newest baby girl. Her name is Stevie Dawn, arrived at 11:12pm by cesearean on April 4. She was seven weeks premmie but due to diabetes she was a big girl weighing ...

Tuesday 23 May 07:49am

lindyhugs started new topic mum from rockhampton wanting to talk to adults

Hi, I have a 6 month old girl and an 11 year old girl. I live in Rockhampton but would like to talk to mums or dads anywhere. I'm 33. I just find when I have time to sit down everyone is watchin...

Sunday 17 July 07:30am
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