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Kiwi mum

Kiwi mum started new topic Help, Major tantrums.....

Hi all, My son is 16 months and a delightful boy until he throws his tantrums. He absolutely refuses to have his nappy changed without kicking up some sort of problem and I dread having to do it a...

Saturday 14 October 03:18pm
Kiwi mum

Kiwi mum replied to topic Day care once a week

Hi Little Angel, It is really daunting leaving your child in someone elses care, but very rewarding also. I started my son at daycare for 6 hours per week (3hrs a day twice a week), almost 2 month...

Tuesday 10 October 02:33pm
Kiwi mum

Kiwi mum replied to topic Anyone TTC with polycystic ovaries???

Hi, I also have polysystic ovaries, and was told I would have trouble concieving. I have an 11and 1/2 month old boy and I was supposed to start clomid ttc him,( Only getting a period on the odd mo...

Sunday 04 June 05:41pm
Kiwi mum

Kiwi mum started new topic Birthday Ideas this way please.....

Hi, My little man will be 1year old in two months and I have just begun to think about ideas for his birthday. I am stuck as I only have a very small house..(Definitely cant fit many people in), a...

Monday 10 April 05:08pm
Kiwi mum

Kiwi mum replied to topic Help I feel so lost now......

Hi tamcor... You must be exhausted you poor thing. Have you been demand feeding or routine? Sometimes ,(but not always) a good routine will help baby to know what is going to happen eg sleep, food...

Monday 27 February 06:41pm
Kiwi mum

Kiwi mum replied to topic June 2005 babies

Hi, Hope I can join in too..... I have a son Corban who was born on the 15th June 1 week early 7lb, 13oz. We had a lot of feeding problems mainly with him falling asleep constantly, and ended up ...

Saturday 11 February 05:42pm
Kiwi mum

Kiwi mum started new topic Not rolling at 71/2 months

Hi, My son is over 71/2 months old and he is still not rolling. He just doesnt seem at all interested in doing it. I have tried helping him by rolling him to the side and showing him etc but he re...

Wednesday 08 February 06:57am
Kiwi mum

Kiwi mum started new topic Meat for baby

Asking a silly question but do you need to heat the meat and chicken meals for baby from a can or jar bought from the store??? Can you give it to them cold (straight from the jar), or does it need...

Monday 19 December 05:32am
Kiwi mum

Kiwi mum started new topic Help with solids please...

Hi, I have just started my 5 mth old on farex over the last few days and am unsure on when to feed it to him really. This is his routine.... 7am bottle 9-10am bed 11am bottle and farex 12-2pm bed ...

Monday 21 November 04:54pm
Kiwi mum
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