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lis74 started new topic 16 month old still not walking!

Hi, does anyone else have a 16 month+ old not walking. My daughter is really not keen on walking, its like she lacks the confidence to do so. I know she will walk when she's ready, but its taking...

Monday 26 April 01:12pm

lis74 started new topic anyone else got a toddler still crawling?

HI, my daughter is 15 months and still not walking! She has been crawling since 8 months,she stands holding onto furniture, but not yet walking! She still appears a bit unbalanced when holding h...

Saturday 13 March 03:20pm

lis74 replied to topic Why Dummies!!

I never had people buying me dummies for my child, only at my baby shower. I think it depends on your child if you use a dummy, when my babe was really young, she just wanted to suck a lot, I used...

Friday 12 March 06:09pm

lis74 replied to topic Has anyone else survived 2 under 2yrs?

Hi, I have a 15 month old, however I'm not having another until next year, but I do have friends with 2 under 2. While they are very busy, I think they just don't know any different, and seem to c...

Friday 12 March 10:09am
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