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Nanci started new topic High Risk NT Scan

Hi Alex, I am 31 years old and 12 1/2 weeks pregnant with my second child and had just had a NT scan yesterday. The sonographer said that the fluid behind the baby's neck is 2.5mm thick which puts...

Friday 22 June 06:25am

Nanci started new topic Slight spotting

Hi All, Just want to know if anyone out there has had this prob before.I had a miscarriage in February and have just fallen pregnant again.With my miscarriage I had no pain whatsoever just slight s...

Friday 11 May 06:13am

Nanci replied to topic what is your 5-6 month old doing

Hi Kathryn, My lilltle bub is 5 months & 1 week and she also can't roll over yet. She also shows no sign of crawling. Feel like she is a bit slow coz her neck is still wobbly. Does your little one...

Saturday 07 January 07:50am

Nanci replied to topic Baby's Vision

Hi all, Just thought I give an update of Ashley. She is now 4 1/2 months and went back to the pediatric orthamalogist last week to have her eyes checked again. She is now following and has improv...

Saturday 24 December 08:48am

Nanci replied to topic Tell us all about your little one...

Hi all, Ashley (girl since its a unisex name) is 4 1/2 months now. She weighs 8.2kg & 61 cm at her last check up a month ago. Everyone thinks she is quiet big for a girl though she does not seem ...

Saturday 24 December 08:34am

Nanci replied to topic ear piercing

Hi Melissa, Ashley is 4 1/2 months old & I just got her ears pierced last week. I was hesitant at first but did it anyway and yes it wasn't that bad. She just had a scream when it happend and was ...

Saturday 17 December 12:34pm

Nanci started new topic Wobbly neck

Hi, My bubby is 4 1/2 months now and her neck is still so wobbly. I was told by the nurse at the early childhood centre not to worry & give her more tummy time but, just can't help worrying been a...

Saturday 17 December 12:11pm

Nanci replied to topic Thumb Sucking

Hi Natasha, Yeh my 4 1/2 month bubby sucks her thumb as well and yes I don't like her having that habit either and always wonder how long it will last for. I would pull her thumb away eveerytime I...

Saturday 17 December 11:42am

Nanci started new topic Baby's Vision

Hi, My little bub is 13 weeks old now & her eyes don't seem to follow.Am worried as don't know whether she could see or not. At what age does baby's start following

Wednesday 02 November 11:29am
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