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Bindi_C started new topic How do you get a crawling baby to sleep?

Riley is 8 months, and in the last month has discovered he can crawl. This is great, except now when I put him in his cot he just crawls around and wont go to sleep. Even if he half wakes during th...

Wednesday 02 November 04:40pm

Bindi_C replied to topic Money

I agree. The more you have the more you spend! I was talking to my 2 sis-in-laws a few weeks ago. SIL #1 and myself both have young kids and we both are not working. We were both complaining about ...

Friday 14 October 11:31am

Bindi_C replied to topic how much does your 9 month baby weigh

Hi Anne My boy is 8 months. Just had him weighed at 7kgs (little runt). He has 1 tooth also. He's crawling and getting into his older sisters toys!

Friday 14 October 11:19am

Bindi_C replied to topic Poem

Heres my favourite poem that I'm sure you will all love and be able to relate too: Housework Can Wait Come in, but don’t expect to find All dishes done, all floors ashine. Observe the crumbs and ...

Saturday 01 October 12:51pm

Bindi_C replied to topic They hate the car.

My boy - Riley - hated the car (and from where we live to get anywhere we have to drive distances). He would scream and I would get so distressed I would have to pull over to the side of the road a...

Saturday 01 October 12:06pm

Bindi_C replied to topic when do babies normally get teeth?

Mamma Bear, please don't stress. My first didn't get her first tooth until 2 days before her first birthday. My second (now 7 months) has no teeth and is showing no signs. Apparently genetics has s...

Monday 19 September 09:15am

Bindi_C replied to topic finding an easyer way to cope

I've found the best way to deal with a child and being prego (or having a new baby) is take some time out of your day and devote it solely to the older child. Whether it is cuddles on the couch inf...

Monday 19 September 09:07am

Bindi_C replied to topic the loss of my 3 year old boy Levi

Just wanted to say this thread bought me to tears! I, too, am sorry to all that has lost a beautiful child. It must be the hardest thing to go through. I leave now wondering how life can be so crue...

Saturday 17 September 08:04pm

Bindi_C started new topic Scared 3 year old

A few days ago my 3 year old was at the shops with my mum. A girl in a red top reached into my mothers handbag and stole her purse. Mum called out for help and people chased the "girl in red" and, ...

Saturday 17 September 07:21pm

Bindi_C replied to topic What age do you think a bub should start to babble?

My daughter was exactly the same! At 8 months she wasn't babbling and we were referred to a speach therapist and had her hearing checked. The speach therapist was a complete waste of time! All they...

Thursday 15 September 02:55pm

Bindi_C replied to topic 7mnth baby weight

My little runt is 6.4kg @ 7 months.

Thursday 15 September 02:47pm

Bindi_C replied to topic nearly crawling...

All babies are different. My daughter crawled backwards for a good 2 months before she figured out how to go forwards (I used my mobile phone as an incentive - all she wanted to do was play with it...

Thursday 15 September 02:43pm
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