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Annabelle replied to topic is ear piercing ok!!!!!!!!!

Hi there everyone. Ear Piercing is perfectly fine regardless of their age. I two daughters, Kaelah 3 years & Manaia 6mths old. Both of our daughters have their ears pierced. With our first daug...

Wednesday 12 October 04:41am

Annabelle replied to topic frustrated by lack of co-ordination

Have you tried doin some of the kids activities with them. When they are out side throwing the ball around, join in with them. It will help built the strength in your hands which will hopefully h...

Wednesday 12 October 04:18am

Annabelle replied to topic Attn maori mums and dads

There are heaps of traditions within the Maori culture. My husband & the father of our two girls (3yrs & 6mth) is maori. I myself am still learning alot about the maori culture. The once major t...

Wednesday 12 October 04:07am
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