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mamachoo replied to topic Still breastfeeding ?

Well done everyone! DS is 18mths and has at least 2 - 3 breastfeeds a day. He has this certain cry for milk or he will tug or flip my blouse so he will get to the boobs! Anyway,supply has dropped a...

Sunday 29 April 12:28pm

mamachoo started new topic My son bites me whenever he latch on!

Help! My son has 7 teeth. Whenever my son latch onto my breasts, he will give my nipple a bite before he feeds. I have tried removing him and scolding him but it does not work at all. He gave me d...

Wednesday 28 June 12:08pm

mamachoo replied to topic Single, Young mother of one!

Hi, I am 27 yr old mum and my boy is nearly 8mths. I am staying at Maribyrnong area. I have added you to my msn. My email is [email protected] Will love to chat with you.

Friday 23 June 02:29pm

mamachoo started new topic Any mums in Maribyrnong?

I am a stay home mum and my baby boy is almost 8mth old. I hope to make new friends for chats and maybe we could go for walks at Highpoint!

Friday 23 June 02:19pm

mamachoo started new topic How to put my 7mth old in his own cot to sleep?

My hubby and I have been co-sleeping with my little one since birth. He needs to be rocked to sleep before gently putting him down beside me, on the bed. He refused to sleep alone in our bed so he'...

Friday 23 June 12:24pm
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