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Babybee replied to topic baby feeding

Hi there, Not sure, but how about formula?

Friday 07 October 08:49am

Babybee started new topic Fenugreek

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has tried fenugreek? If so, does it work? How long before it takes effect? Any side effects? Thanks

Friday 09 September 04:55pm

Babybee started new topic Increasing Milk Supply

Hi all, My milk supply is starting to run low .. just wondering what people take (that is natural) or do to increase their supply. (Any side affects?) Any suggestions would be great! Thanks

Tuesday 06 September 08:39am

Babybee replied to topic Weight Loss Here I Come

Hi Mandy, GOOD LUCK! I wish i could be as inspired as you are .. I gained 10kgs which I want to lose too .. but I never seem to get enough energy or motivation to do anything! And since the weat...

Tuesday 23 August 04:00pm

Babybee replied to topic 6 months old, how much do they weigh

Hi moniquesmum, When my boy was 6mths he weighed in at 8.8kg! He was 3kg at birth. He is 7mths now but I don't know what he weighs now. The sure grow quickly and learn very fast!

Tuesday 23 August 02:31pm

Babybee replied to topic Intro to new foods

Hi there GLN, My MCHN said to try individual foods first for 3 or 4 days .. if no reaction from both then you can mix them together. Hope that helps.

Monday 22 August 01:11pm

Babybee replied to topic How much do you pay for your nursing pads?

Hi Kroons, I buy the pigeon ones (approx $8.00) and the Dove or Coles brand. I only use the pigeon ones for the side my son doesn't suck from and the other on the otherside! If you udnerstand wha...

Sunday 21 August 08:53am

Babybee started new topic When do babies start having solid poos?

Hi Kroons Don't worry about it .. I have asked gross questions too .. but if you never ask yu will never get any answers! I think baby poo turns into adult texture when they do start on solids ...

Monday 15 August 01:11pm

Babybee replied to topic Just dont know anymore

HI Sambear .. Sounds like you need some sleep too i am having the same problems with my boy who is 7mths as well ... but not as bad ... he is nearly sleeping 1 or 2 hrs during the day but still ...

Monday 15 August 01:07pm

Babybee replied to topic Yay first tooth.

That is amazing! Was it the top tooth that came out? R u putting anything on the gums to help soothe monique?

Saturday 13 August 02:41pm

Babybee started new topic How often should a 7mth baby poo?

Evening all, Just wondering how often a 7mth baby should poo? My baby does one btw 3-5 days! I'm just thinking that's not very regular .. he is still breastfeeding and hasn't taken much solids t...

Saturday 13 August 02:38pm

Babybee replied to topic breaking up with dad

Hi Leona You must be going through a tough time. Don't feel alone as you always have someone to talk to here. I am not sure what to say as well as I am not sure how your situation is. If it is ...

Saturday 13 August 01:01pm

Babybee replied to topic THE FRIENDSHIP GROUP

Hi there Sounds like a great idea! I have to send a few more posts before I can get there .. talk to you soon.

Saturday 13 August 12:12pm

Babybee replied to topic sore red blister

Hi Aimee I haven't experienced it myself but if it's causing you discomfort/ pain tha you haven't felt before .. it's prob better to get it checked out .. has it settled in the last few days?

Saturday 13 August 11:42am

Babybee started new topic Spitting

Hi there Anyone know how to stop a baby from spitting their food out?!!? Or is there no answer to this one?? Any food Ryan takes now he just spits it back at me .. don't know whether he he doesn...

Saturday 13 August 11:10am

Babybee replied to topic Teen Mums

Congratulations Simone .. hope all goes well for the second bubs and your wedding. You must be very excited with everything that is happening. Do you know whether you are having a girl or boy? ...

Friday 12 August 04:58pm

Babybee started new topic Taking one side only ...

Hi there Has anyone got a baby who only wants to b/f one side?!!? Picky hey? If so, how have you overcome this problem? Currently I am just expressing the other side..

Friday 12 August 01:08pm

Babybee replied to topic sleepless night

Hi there, Hope your girl is better now.. Have you tried giving her a relaxing bath or massage?

Friday 12 August 01:05pm

Babybee replied to topic Another sleep question and possible solution??

Hi Sandra I tried doing that but made no difference to my bubs at all! He just got more grumpy at night time. I heard more sleep promotes better sleeping?? Not sure if that is true .. which I do...

Friday 12 August 12:43pm

Babybee replied to topic Dressing Baby/Chaning Nappy is such a struggle!

Don't worry I think all babies at that age fidget a lot. Ryan wiggles out of his nappies and won't get back into them until I struggle with him for awhile to get them back on! I try to put the na...

Friday 12 August 06:53am
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