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CarlyE replied to topic negative people :(

My twins are 15 months old, I have a 4 year old and am due with another baby in 3 weeks. I have learnt to rise above the have to feel some pity for these morons who can't comprehend...

Thursday 04 December 07:05am


Hi, I have 15 month old b/g twins and it's my girl that is forever attacking her brother. She bites him, hits him and whacks him over the head with toys. I deal with it by using a firm, loud NO an...

Wednesday 03 December 09:34am

CarlyE replied to topic Neways

We have been using Neways for about 8 weeks. Alyssa has no more eczema, twins have no red bums and my dry skin is no longer. A huge added bonus is that there is no soap scum in the shower-sooooo ea...

Wednesday 14 November 09:00am

CarlyE replied to topic How many weeks along were you when your twins were born?

I carried my babies to 37w4d and they were delivered via c/section because of their positioning. No special care required. Mason was 3280grams (7lb 4 oz) and Ava was 2640g (5 lb 13 oz). They are no...

Wednesday 14 November 06:16am

CarlyE replied to topic Is everyone's house a mess??

My house is a bit of a mess atm but I do a tidy once or twice a day. I sweep the downstairs floors every day and the dishwasher is always loaded and does a wash once a day. All the heavy housework-...

Wednesday 14 November 06:12am

CarlyE replied to topic Ideas for a BBQ

Not sure what their eating habits are like... Baby octopus marinated in teriyaki sauce is yummy and not expensive. Rissoles (home made or bought) with salad. Marinated chicken pieces. Tuna stea...

Thursday 25 October 09:59am

CarlyE replied to topic Christening outfits

They will be four moths old.

Thursday 25 October 05:16am

CarlyE replied to topic Mmmmmm Yum

Muffins aren't quite cooked yet but I'll PM you all a piece of the cake LOL

Thursday 25 October 05:12am

CarlyE started new topic Christening outfits

Does anyone know where I can purchase a reasonably priced christening outfit in Sydney? I used a family one for Alyssa but obviously with two bubbas that isn't going to work. I am reluctant to try ...

Thursday 25 October 05:11am

CarlyE started new topic Mmmmmm Yum

I just made a chocolate cake and now there is a batch of banana muffins in the oven. Yummy yummy yummy!

Thursday 25 October 05:06am

CarlyE replied to topic same names

Abbey Caitlyn Abbey Mae (bizzymum) Abbey Patricia Martha (cherrob) Abbi Marie (Heidi80) Addyson Joan Aiden Declan (bel_aiden) Aiden Henry (turtle2) Alex Damien Alexis Maree (Sixela) Alexzander Jame...

Thursday 25 October 04:30am

CarlyE replied to topic Why did you choose formula?

It is good to see sensible discussion on this issue. I breastfed my 1st DD til she was 6 weeks old. I was suffering from undiagnosed PND (although I kept telling health professionals that somethin...

Wednesday 24 October 05:57am

CarlyE replied to topic Just had to let you know...

Sorry to hear that your birth wasn't great. That's a shame. We aren't having anymore children-three is enough for us. It is nice to hear that you are happy with your two boys. Don't you get sick of...

Wednesday 24 October 04:04am

CarlyE replied to topic Just had to let you know...

Hi Louise, That's great. I bet you feel really rested. Ava and Mason have gone the last 3 nights from 7ish til 1:30 and then til 6:30. Mason wakes around 4 but I just resettle him. Alyssa never sl...

Monday 22 October 02:24pm

CarlyE replied to topic Just had to let you know...

Wow, well done Liam and Mason. How old are your boys? I also have a Mason.

Sunday 21 October 04:27pm

CarlyE replied to topic It's so funny...

LOL I saw a lady I haven't seen for years today and I was feeding both bubs. She said to me "Oh, do you have twins" I really wanted to say "No, just 2 babies born on the same day". DH doesn't get w...

Sunday 21 October 04:26pm

CarlyE started new topic TitanicMum

Some time ago we were in the ttc threads month after month. Just wondering if she is still around. Would love to chat and see how she is going...

Friday 19 October 03:14pm

CarlyE replied to topic A list of who we are

Hi Danielle, I enjoy MWW when I get a chance to get on there. My 2 are going through a particularly unsettled phase atm, so I spend most of my day running up and down stairs settling!

Thursday 18 October 01:53pm

CarlyE replied to topic I need advice...

Mason must know all you ladies are onto him!!! He slept for about an hour and ten minutes this morning- not great but an improvement on the last two days-then had a feed at eleven thirty, went to...

Thursday 18 October 10:16am

CarlyE replied to topic Recording of a baby crying

lol just bring it to my place. Seriously, try the Priscilla Dunstan dvds or website

Thursday 18 October 06:45am
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