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zoe.L replied to topic Baby drinking bath water

yep, both my girls did this (now aged 6&9 ) and they do grow out of it!!!!!!!!

Sunday 24 April 05:16pm

zoe.L replied to topic Baby Bonus

It is called the MATERNITY IMMUNISATION ALLOWANCE and as flintstones said is paid in the childs 19th month after all imunisations are complete, I was told though that you have to apply for it and h...

Thursday 21 April 05:29am

zoe.L replied to topic chronic constipation

hi there, my daughter who is now 9 had cronic constipation untill she was 4 years old.....I tried all the formulas and all the remedys and nothing worked!!!! After a visit to the docto...

Wednesday 20 April 05:17pm

zoe.L replied to topic Activity Tables - anyone recommend one?

we have the fisher price learning table for zac! Although it is a bit expensive it is very good, his 5 yr old sister plays with it too.....

Saturday 16 April 08:37am

zoe.L replied to topic Rolling

i think 8wks is pretty early!!!Zac started rolling from back to stomach at about 3.5mths and he has only just mastered rolling from stomach to back at4.5mths i think the age range is about 4- to si...

Friday 15 April 09:13am

zoe.L started new topic baby custards

hi everyone, Although I have 3 children, it's been awhile inbetween the last 2 (6 yrs) When my older 2 were little heinz used to have the custards from 4 mths(the blue tin) now I...

Friday 15 April 08:47am

zoe.L replied to topic how much to feed four month old a day

If you feel that she is ready for an evening meal then give it ago! If she isn't you will soon know and then try her again in a week or so! This baby business is trial and error!!!!

Friday 15 April 08:23am

zoe.L replied to topic drinking

hi there, my baby zac is 4.5 mnths old. He has 5 bottles a day of 180mls sometimes he doesn't drink it all and sometimes he does. As long as your baby is putting on weight and is gener...

Friday 15 April 08:20am

zoe.L replied to topic november 2004 babies update

hi there, my son zac 28th november is also just 4.5 mnths. He weighs 8.35kg and is68cm long.... He loves being upright and his jolly jumper, he smiles and talks to everyone and also ...

Friday 15 April 07:56am

zoe.L replied to topic Any December 2004 babies??

hi there, my son zac was born on the 28th november 2004, i was due on 4th dec but was induced a few days early.....on my birthday! zac is now smiling laughing rolling both ways, he has...

Thursday 14 April 10:36am

zoe.L replied to topic Baby Gastroenteritis

hi there, if her wee is very strong and smelly it could be a urine infection. If I were you I would just get her to the doctors straight away babys can become very sick very fast.........

Thursday 14 April 04:50am

zoe.L replied to topic Ginger Tinge to babies hair but mum and dad have Blonde and Brown hair???

my sister and her husband both have brown hair, but my niece has bright red hair! Their must be a red hair gene in their somewhere!!!!

Wednesday 13 April 12:43pm

zoe.L replied to topic two month neddles need some advise

hi there, I have given panadol to all three of my children before everyone of there needles. As far as I'm aware panadol is perfectley fine to give to children from one month old. I als...

Tuesday 12 April 04:05am

zoe.L replied to topic Burpppppp!

i always found that if my kids we constipated or needed to do a poo that they would never bring their burps up properly. Sometimes you can mistake wind or tummy pain for hunger and feeding them ju...

Sunday 10 April 06:33pm

zoe.L replied to topic Feeding solids

no, i haven't raised all three of them the same they all have had completly different temprements. with the first two(who are girls) i had to practically hold them for the first six months of their...

Sunday 10 April 10:00am

zoe.L replied to topic Feeding solids

i started all three of my kids on solids at about 3.5mnths and there is nothing wrong with them (now aged 9,6 and 4.5 mnths). You can tell when they are ready for solids as their formula doesn't sa...

Sunday 10 April 09:46am

zoe.L replied to topic just a random stupid question

they actually do make cot sized doonas, i used to work at babyco and they stocked them, i dont know if they would post to nz but you could look on their web site or contact them......another sugges...

Friday 08 April 12:40pm

zoe.L replied to topic Avent Bottle Warmer

at first the big deal was that they thought that the waves affected the milk and because a microwave doen't heat evenly it was bad to heat the bottle in there. when i was in the hospital having my...

Thursday 07 April 04:40am

zoe.L replied to topic Painful breast after giving up breast feeding!

it sounds weird but buy a cabbage and put cold cabbage leaves inside your bra change thm frequently it realy does work!!!!!!!also if your breasts are hard and tender my mchn told me to just express...

Wednesday 06 April 06:35am

zoe.L replied to topic Age when you have your first baby.

i had my first at 20 i had my second at 23 and my third on my 29th birthday

Tuesday 05 April 06:38pm
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