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MummyT started new topic Juvenile Diabetes

Hi! I just found out that my cousin's 2yo son has just been diagnosed with severe diabetes. It was discovered by chance because someone pointed out that he drinks alot and wees alot. After having t...

Monday 20 March 10:33pm

MummyT replied to topic Herpes Virus???

Oh darling! I've never come across this but I really feel for you both what a tough time you're going through. I know all about going through tough times-much worse than what you're going through (...

Monday 20 March 10:23pm

MummyT replied to topic wake up the night again ! It is normal for 5 month old baby???

Hi Grace my 5 month old has started waking up lots more too. I think its because she's teething, and also she rolls onto her tummy and then doesn't know what to do with herself as she's not used to...

Sunday 07 August 11:01pm

MummyT replied to topic What have I done!


Sunday 24 July 08:21pm

MummyT replied to topic Bob the Builder Flip out Couch????

My nephew has one its one of the giant ones though that cost around $100. I'll ask my sister where she got it.

Sunday 17 July 08:16pm

MummyT replied to topic He can't handle the crying

there was research done that showed that people's stress levels increase dramatically when they heard the sound of a crying baby even if it wasn't theirs. so its normal to feel that way and its goo...

Sunday 17 July 06:14pm

MummyT started new topic He wants another one!

My little girl is 19 weeks and my DP said last night "ones not enough lets have another one!" what do you guys think?

Saturday 16 July 09:24pm

MummyT replied to topic Is Anyone Else's 4 Month Old On Solids??

Hi my daughter is almost 19 weeks and she's been on solids from 12 weeks. She loves it. You can give vegies but they need to contain no lumps and be quiet runny like the consistancy of pumpkin soup...

Wednesday 13 July 03:44pm

MummyT replied to topic how to bring milk supply back???

The easiest and quickest & most effective way to get your milk back is to go to your GP and ask if you can go on 'Donperadone'. I took it and got all my milk back after only taking two little pills...

Tuesday 12 July 12:46pm

MummyT replied to topic Good eating habits

Hi Enidsmum! you're absolutely right re. attitude. My 3 sisters and I have always been extremely fussy and to this day my 22yo sister won't eat any vegetables. I won't eat onions, seafood, eggs, a ...

Friday 01 July 09:06pm

MummyT replied to topic Scattergories - Letter B

Bath books Bandaids Beefcake bodies

Friday 01 July 08:01pm

MummyT replied to topic Smart Answers Stupid Questions

Its a boy, his name is Lisa. I just dress him like a girl because I wanted a girl.

Thursday 30 June 11:17am

MummyT started new topic Smart Answers Stupid Questions

OK here's how to play anyone can take it upon themselves to ask a question at any time but until someone asks a new you'll have to answer to the last one, so you may have to scroll back sometimes. ...

Thursday 30 June 11:16am

MummyT started new topic International flight with a baby!!!

Hello again! wow lucky you. I've been to Japan and its fantastic! When my little sister was 3 months old we travelled around the world with her and its so much easier than people think. A few tip...

Tuesday 21 June 08:46pm

MummyT replied to topic Some favourite foods for starting out...

I just started too. She's only tried plain rice cereal - loved it. cold puree'ed apple - hated it and warm puree'ed pumpkin - loved it. Apparently a good food to make yourself is sweet potato puree...

Tuesday 21 June 08:02pm

MummyT replied to topic vitamins for baby?

These are used for premmies, sick and underweight babies that are struggling to catch up. I think its called Pentovite and comes in pineapple or blackcurrant flavours very delicious I've tasted it,...

Monday 20 June 01:45pm

MummyT replied to topic How long does your baby take to feed?

I found out an interesting fact.. did you know, the average number of squirties per nipple is 9. I have heaps on my left nipple and only 3 on my right. I call my boobs 'slow flo' and 'fast flo'! he...

Monday 20 June 01:36pm

MummyT replied to topic Funny feet

Hi Brookie My son was thought to have 'funny feet' when they did the ultrasounds, due to a lack of fluid, they were funny for a few days but then fixed themselves. How old is your son? If I were yo...

Monday 20 June 01:08pm

MummyT replied to topic my 4 and a half month old has suddenly sstarted not wanting formula

Hi Amanda I'm certainly no expert on this but it sounds like Seth might be ready for solids, lots of people will tell you not to start till he's 6 months but you should ask your GP. My daughter is ...

Monday 20 June 11:33am

MummyT started new topic Cheap Huggies in Perth

Hi just wanted to share that Huggies box nappies are only $27.95 in World chemist Galleria shopping centre Morley, Perth. They have heaps.

Monday 20 June 11:19am
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