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Mel I hope the teeth settle down for Will soon. Chris has been a little unsettled the last few night. I'm thnking it might be the heavy rain waking him up. I had my 13 week ultrasound today and so for the measurement for downs look good. Had the bloods done after and should get the results in a few days. Got a call from the hospital on tuesday and the Doctor wants me to see him next tuesday instead of next month i think because i had Cholestasis with Chris. So might have to go see them more often. Anyway better go and get some house woprk done while the girls are at daycare

Hi Everyone I had my NT scan this morning and the measurement were good had the bloods done after and should have the results in the next few days. It was so good to see this little bub again and it has a nice strong heart beat of 156bpm. It was being a little cheeky and kept facing it's head toward the thing so took ages to get into the right position and then bubs was covering it's face when she wanted to check the nasal bone. So just like it's big sisters and brother was also cheeky during the ultrasound. With names i'm liking Oliver and Charlotte at this stage and DH is happy with that. I already have a Jessica, Stephanie and Christopher and think they all go together pretty well Hope everyone is feeling better Erin

Hi Everyone I've got my scan on Thursday it's cutting it pretty fine I will be 13 wk 5 days and you are suppose to get it done by 13wk6days so lets hope they can do it. I got a call from the hospital today and the Obstrecian wants to see me next week a month earlier than the midwife booked last week at my appointment so i'm a bit worried about that. I will update the timeline now with the recent changes

Mel the girls got those 2 teeth after the bottom 2 and looked like little vampires lol. I get Rafferty's garden baby food for Chris for emergencies but he has them very rarely We dont usually eat until about 5.30 atleast but dinner cooked quicker than expected. It could still be her house there is still 3 years left on the lease here so we dont have to leave when it sells and only investors can buy it. I guess thats where Chris is lucky he can eat the chunks easily because he has 8 teeth so can munch it all up

We are very busy in here today. Yeah Kerry that good about Kye standing Chris is cruising on furniture and has let go a few times only lasts a few seconds before falling on his butt. My hospital appointment was good, just did booking in and saw the midwife and she asked a million questions. Got a bounty bag they are now a re usable bag instead of the old plastic ones. I had Jess at Nepean so i've been there before. Not sure which one I like better at least Westmead the maternity section was brand new. Thats funny your Aunty's leasing to DHA but unless she is selling the house it's not ours lol. I just wish someone wouls buy the place. Chris eats pretty much anything. All meats just cut to a size he can hold and he bites and chews it, Chunks of vegies and fruit, He actually stole a whole apple of Steph the other day and was having a good suck before she stole it back lol he has sandwiches, tinned spaghetti, baked beans and usually some fruit for lunch Brekky he has weet bix pret...

I just weighed Chris on the scales at home and he is approx 10.2 kg little chubba. I guess all the girls here seem to be petite and the boys chubby lol Steph was heavier at this age she was a real chubby baby. Chris is nothing compared to her lol But she has evened out over the last 6 months and lost most of her chubbyness. Jess has always been pretty skinny and is still now Wow Kazza 2 bananas Chris had his first banana today the girls usually scoff them before I have a chance to give him any. Chris is eating the same food as us now except if we are having something a little naughty like nuggets and chips. He just scoffs everything now little piggy definatly takes after his daddy lol

Congrats Taniandale WOW baby number 8 how exciting. Karynne - It really is up to you and depends what you would do in the situation if your baby was positive for down syndrome. If you get a high risk Nuchal Trans test you can opt for an Amnio or CVS the CVS is done earlier than an Amnio can be done. They measure the nuchal fold (back of babys neck) and that, blood tests your age etc are put together and calculate a risk factor ie 1/20000 or 1/20 if you had a 1/20 then further testing can be done. As mentioned previously I have had an amniocentesis done with my DS (now 9 months old) as i was unable to have the 12 week scan due to timing and when I went for the 20 week scan his Nuchal Fold was measuring thicker than normal range, I then had a second scan by a specialist a week later and the amnio done that same day. I was 22 weeks when I got the tests back and thankfully I did not have to make a decision on what to do as he had no chromasomal problems. But I would rather have the t...

Mel it sounds like a good saving. I would just make sure you have someone else measure you and double check it before sending it off so it is accurate. Prasangi - It's getting better with him not being here got through the first week already. Yeah the 3 kids are being a bit demanding especially now the girls keep coming into me bed every night severa times. We actually moved out to Glenmore Park end of last year so i'm going to Nepean this time. Chris is also in size 0 but tope he is definatly heading into 1's pants he will be in 0's a bit longer. Mel we must have the big chubbers lol. I was going to get Chris weighed todayt at the shops then forgot oops. Mel Chris is the same if we are out and have something to eat he squeals like a little pig and tries to get what it is. I gave in and gave him a chip the other day because he was so worked up. OMG i just realied Chris is 10 months tomorrow too Wow that has gone so quickly. Have fun on your holiday Prasangi. We are going to go ...

Kerry, Good to hear Kye got to have his flu shot. I've been thinking about getting the kids done not sure yet. Oh thats a shame about the vasectomy working and no more kids. I'm 12 weeks now yay. I have my scan next thursday so can't wait for that. I dont really get the nap through the day Jess doesn't have a nap anymore so sometimes I get one when they are at childcare. Had my first hossy appointment today How much are your bubs sleeping through the day yesterday and sunday Chris refused to have an afternoon nap and went form about 10.30am until 5.30pm when he went to bed early and was grumpy by the end. He has about 1.5 hrs in the monrning. He slept this arvo because we were at the hospital in the morning so only slept a little. I'm hoping it's only a phase i'm liking having 2 sleeping in the arvo lol

I'm not activly looking at baby stuff yet but might in a month or 2. But I have got some mat clothes so much more comfortable now. I had my first appointment at the hospital today did the booking in and saw the midwife. I also booked my 19 week scan have that on the 5th May can't wait. Also have the Nuchal trans scan next week. There is a new bounty bag out now same stuff inside but they now come in a reusable bag with handles(similar to the reusable shopping bags) instead of the old platic ones