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Kerry - It has been quiet on here. Sorry to hear AF came and it looks like you wont be having any more bubbas Poor Kye, Chris is the same with getting heaps at once. Things have been so crazy here Daniel leaves next tuesday/wednesday for the 4 months I dont think it's really hit me yet and probabaly wont until he is gone. I know it's going to help us out so much financially. The payment he gets pays off most of our debts, but i'm so scared something will happen to him over there. He is going to the Middle East with the RAAF. Well we have just moved the girls back into the same room. Didn't have to but they like eachothers company and I'm hoping it will help while Daniel is gone. Jess even jumped into Stephs bed and fell asleep together last night. It also means for now we will have a spare room until this bub gets here. So the girls would of had to share again anyway. I'm so sick of this place being on the market and i'm hoping someone will buy it soon there is someone that seem...

Hi Everyone Sorry to hear about the recent losses and I wish everyone the best for the future and having a healthy pregnancy. Sorry I have not been updating for the last week or so DH is going leaving next week overseas for 4 months with work so things have been very hectic around here. I think I have updated everyone if I have missed you let me know and I will you to the timeline. I'm starting to feel a bit better now only feeling yucky around bedtime but still pretty tired through the day. Alissa - glad to hear no more bleeding. Did you get an ultrasound or leaving it for now? I'm taking Elevit although I forget some days.

I definatly wanted to have more than 1 child and thankfully we have been able to. I think it is good for kids to have sibling to play with at home and my 3 have so much fun together. My Brother passed away when I was 7 (he was 8) so I spend a lot of time as an only child and it can get very lonely and I feel kinda sad now my kids wont have any cousins or an uncle from my side of the family.

Hey Liz I would love to come I only have Chris on tuesdays as girls are at pre school so if I can bring him we will definatly be there. I think with Daniel being away I will need the adult interaction lol. Obviously you dont need to send me your addr lol

Posted by: mum1007 I could tell you a lot of what is going to happen.. LOL. Where do you get your spoilers from??? I want to know too lol

Mel - i'm hearing you on the dressing Chris is so hard to keep still while changing clothes and nappies. He also stands up in the bath. He is also obsessed with the shower lol If I forget to close the shower in the ensuite and go in there for something he shoots straight in there and sits waiting for the water to turn on Kazza - did you test again today???????? How did it go? let us know I hope everything works out for you

Hi Jaymi congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to the thread. I will add you to the timeline. holfin - Yes I can remove you from the list. Is everything alright? I hope you are ok

Carolyn - I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and I wish you all the best for the future Ok I have updates the timeline if I have missed anyone please PM and I will add you to the list

Hi Everyone Sorry I havn't been on in a few days been so buisy. Ok i'm going to go through and find all the dates of people I need to add to the list so you will be added shortly. Congrats Alana and Deena - How exciting twins I'm not as tired the last few days and only feeling nauseous at night around bed time which sux when trying to sleep but atleast most of the day I feel good.

Oh Kazza, I hope for your sake it's not a positive. You have everything planned and I hope thats not going to have to be re arranged. Let us know what happens when you re-test Well Daniel left again today for the week, he is back on Friday then had just over a week at home with us and then leaves for the big 4 monther. Jess has been better since thursday last week has only had 1 toilet accident but that was because she didn't quite sit on the toilet on time. But i'm worried since Daniel left again it might start happening more but hopefully not. Mel - I forgot to mention in my last post if you working full time will bring in more money and Chris is happy to stay at home with the kids then I say go for it, if it suits your family then it's the right thing to do. Chris is being such a bitey boy and i'm not sure what to do about it. I raise my voice and say NO or uh uh no biting and he stops for a second then goes back to biting me again, or if i move him away he just crawls back ...