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Hi i had my first daughter on 25th September last year and we conceived our second late december 2005 ad she is due in 3 weeks time so yes i have done it that soon in a way it just feels like 1 big long pregnancy but i like the fact the girls will be close in age. i dont think getting pregnant so soon caused any problems if anything i think the stretching is less because everything didn't have enough time to go back to normal. i started weaning my daughter to formula once we found out in January that we were pregnant again and also the fact that hubby and i were going on our honeymoon at the end of January so she has to be formula fed then anyway. not sure about the saggy belly but i guess there will be some sagging depending how much weight you put on during the pregnancy. good luck and i hope everything works out for you

Hi Franzi i had to have a couple of ECG's when i was pregnant with my daughter last year because my GP thought there was a bit or an irregularity with my heart rate turned out there wasn't. but is there a reason you dont want to do it now? as far as i am aware there is no risk to the bub if there was i would not have done it. good luck with your pregnancy and i hope everything is ok with you too

Hi i know exactly how you feel my daughter (11 months on friday) is the same she has been biting mostly me for over a month now and it seems to be when she is tired, hungry or frustrated when she does it. and i have tried saying "no" sternly to her but most of the time she thinks it is funny and laughs like she thinks we are playin a game. hopefully someone has some suggestions because i would love to know what else to try. the weird thing is she only seems to bite me not hubby and has only bitten a few other people maybe 2 times.

Hi i went in for my first ultrasound this pregnancy to check dates because i had no idea as hadn't had period since giving birth to my DD last year when i went in there was no heart rate etc but they couldsee the sac because i was about 5 weeks pregnant so they suggested i come back a few weeks later well i am now 35 weeks pregnant so tell your friend not to worry too much like someone else said you can't detect the heart rate until about 6 weeks

Hi Yes my hospital does let partners stay over night it is a private hospital though. if it is covered by your health insurance it costs nothing but if not you can pay a fee and they get all meals provided aswell. some rooms even have double beds for you and if you get a single bed room they bring in a bed to go beside yours. unfortunatly we will not be able to take this option as hubby will have to look after our other bub during the night

Hi I know how you feel i am 35 weeks with my second and have had about 4 colds during this pregnancy and have one at the moment i feel so exhusted. but when i was pregnant with my DD last year i did not get sick at all even though everyone at work was getting sick around me so i guess it just depends because this time i am at home with my DD so you think i would not pick up as much as we are not out as much. good luck and i hope you feel better soon

Hi yes it is fine to eat the meat you have cooked the night before on a sanwich. the reason they say not to have ham etc is you dont know how long it has been sitting there so there is the possibility of listeria. but if you cooked it yourself and put it in the fridge than that is fine to eat within 24 hrs also as someone else suggested if you heat your food up so it is steaming then the listeria bug can not survive so if in doubt have it hot good luck with your pregnancy

Hi My DD is 10 months old and has all her solid meals before her bottle. i started to change over from 7 months old switching 1 meal at a time. she has no problems drinking all her bottle after the solid meal i usually wait at least an hour before offering the bottle to make sure she has enough room. Like someone else said do whatever works best for you and bub maybe try it one day and see how he goes good luck

Hi i totally agree with what the others have said stick to your guns dont let them talk you into being there it is a special time between you and your partner and it is your choice who you want to come in with you. when my daughter was born last year i only had my hubby there and lucky for me neither of our parents tried to be in the room. we told them that once bub is born that hubby would ring them and let them know which is what happened and they came and visited later in the day. and it is going to be the same when bub no 2 is born next month like somone else mentioned have who you want there because if you let them talk you into being there you will regret it later. Good luck with everything

Hi Jessica started crawling at 5 months old and was pulling herself up on furniture a couple of weeks later. she started cruising around 6 months old but has only started walking over the last couple of weeks and is still learning how to do that properly. she is now 10 months old so you might be waiting a while until till your bub starts walking but every baby is different so your might start earlier good luck it is so fun watching them learn new things