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mumw3 replied to topic Swing set?

My SIL gave us one last year as her son never used it. I took the swing and trapize of and put to fisher price swings on and my boys love it. They are 3yr and 15mth and use it all the time, the 15m...

Sunday 04 November 07:48pm

mumw3 replied to topic 8 mth old not sleeping well

Hi all well my little man is nine month this week and yes we had big sleep problems. I went back to wrapping him in a single sheet and he has 2 two hour sleeps during the day and most nights sleeps...

Sunday 08 April 04:20pm

mumw3 replied to topic TERRIFIED OF STORMS

Hi Kelly Your daughter sounded like my son, he was terrified ours happened one xmas I was leaving there Dad's house and it started pouring of rain and he told us to hurry as he was going out, this ...

Wednesday 14 February 06:22am

mumw3 replied to topic Sleep school - highly recommended!!

Hi I would like to know more ,I also live in Adelaide and after having 3 good sleeper its hard to know what to do and not to keep the whole house awake . my email is [email protected] I get...

Sunday 14 January 05:01pm

mumw3 replied to topic Fisher Price Royal Potty?

Hi, I have just bought the fisher price royal potty for my son, he wouldnt use a seat or potty but loves this one. Have a look on ebay thats where i got mine from it was cheaper than the shops and ...

Sunday 31 December 02:57pm

mumw3 started new topic What to give 5mth for breakfast

My 5mth baby wont eat farax as he gags on it , he doesnt really like fruit more of a vegie eater. Any ideas what to give him.

Wednesday 20 December 06:44am

mumw3 replied to topic craigmore,blakeview,hillbank or other northern suburbs

Hi Charlene I am Karen I live at Wynn Vale ,I am 39 have four children Ricky 12 Morgan 10 Luca 2 liam 5 months would like to catch up for chat and coffee. I am a SAHM. my email is [email protected]

Saturday 09 December 10:13am

mumw3 replied to topic constantly crying baby- HELP

Hi, I had the same problem with my son it started about 10wk and kept going. He is my fourth so i tried everything i could think of didnt work. He would spend the day in my sling which after awhil...

Wednesday 06 December 07:13am

mumw3 replied to topic July 06 Babies

Hi there Dee Liam was born in July, he was the 12th should have been the 21st but was early which I was glad.Looking forward to seeing you and Declan on Friday. Cheers Karen and kids ...

Thursday 30 November 08:38am

mumw3 replied to topic Implanon implant

hi i had the merrina implant what a nightmare worst 8 weeks of my life. I had heavy bleeding, mood swings and it was painful when we had sex. I have just had it taken out and going to have my tube...

Friday 24 November 01:49pm

mumw3 replied to topic hi guys

Hi if you are not busy on the 1st Dec we are having a get together at civic park come along and meet some lovely mums its at 11am and welcome to huggies. My name is Karen live in northern suburd...

Friday 24 November 07:12am

mumw3 replied to topic Christening outfit-boy

Hi my son was christened when he was 9mth, I got him a pair of trouser and a little white shirt and I had a white blanket which all the kids and grandkids wore when christened.

Thursday 23 November 01:11pm

mumw3 replied to topic Any 10 month advice on crawling and wrapping???

hi dont worry about the crawling they are all different my 1st didnt crawl then at 10mth he walked then no.2 crawed at 5mth no. 3 was atleast 12mth no.4 is only 4mth lets hope he takes his time. I ...

Thursday 23 November 12:26pm

mumw3 started new topic cookie recipe

Hi does anyone have a good cookie recipe as we want to make some cookies on the week-end and would like a nice yummy recipe thanks Karen

Thursday 23 November 10:32am

mumw3 replied to topic have alone time with husband or partner

Hi Cassie It is hard trying to find some time together, we have 4 kids and my baby is so demanding but we watch tv together at night thats if I am not asleep and we make an effort aleast once a we...

Tuesday 21 November 06:16am

mumw3 replied to topic recipe needed for plain cake mix/ patty cakes

Hi I have a recipe for patty cakes 2cups sr flour 2 eggs 1 small cup sugar 3oz buter 1/2 tspn vanilla 1cup milk add beaten eggs to flour and sugar. Then m...

Sunday 19 November 02:44pm

mumw3 started new topic DAY-OUT

hi everyone it would be nice to have a get together before xmas as not many turned up to the botanic gardens. maybe we could try again same place bring lunch then maybe a walk. Is anyone intereste...

Sunday 19 November 02:21pm

mumw3 started new topic Help they all want a peice of me

Hi, I have four children son 12 daughter10 son 2 and son 14wks plus hubby and they all want my time. My baby is so demanding and hubby cant cope with him as he crys all the time when holds him, the...

Tuesday 24 October 09:40am

mumw3 replied to topic Nurofen for kids?????

Hi, I haven't heard about the warning but my chemist told me not to give it to the children on an empty stomache

Thursday 19 October 09:11am

mumw3 replied to topic I'm new!!

Hi and welcome , I hope you enjoy as much as i do it keeps me going as I have 4 children and like you I have run out of friends too. Where does all the time go, I met a lovely lady last week for co...

Saturday 30 September 08:51am
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