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Megan28 replied to topic Any October 2004 babies??

Hey all, My son was born on the 20th 13lbs 1oz, hes up to about 8 kgs now, everyone mistakes him for being at least 6 months old. I cant wait to take him swimming also, 6 months is the a...

Wednesday 16 February 12:19am

Megan28 replied to topic Weight loss after a c-section

Hey Ladies I had my caeser almost 4 months ago and believe you me im still struggling. I did put on around 35-40 kgs at the weigh in at the hospital before I had my boy so Ive got some work to do! ...

Friday 04 February 12:08am

Megan28 replied to topic Big Buddah

Thanks everyone for your replies, weve been away for a couple of weeks so ive been a it slack to reply. We went for his weigh in last week he was about 7.6kgs and he was 14 weeks so that was good. ...

Thursday 03 February 11:53pm

Megan28 replied to topic Big Buddah

Thanks heaps, were going to the 3 month weigh in in a couple of days so it will be interesting to see how much he has grown! Ill keep everyone posted.

Tuesday 11 January 11:07am

Megan28 started new topic Big Buddah

Hi all, Just found out about this site Jy James Stidworthy was born on the 20th of October at 8:55am weighing an impressive 5.914kgs/13lbs 1oz He was 60cms long and had a head circumfrence of 39...

Sunday 09 January 07:02pm

Megan28 replied to topic Pain after C-Section

Hi everyone, I had an elective caesar towards the end of october because of the size of my son. I had to go for another scan at 36 weeks and they told me he already weighed 4.5 kgs!! I...

Sunday 09 January 06:44pm
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