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bindi-c replied to topic Toddler accepting new born

Start making her do more things now with dad, from baths and bedtime to colouring etc. So she'll be used to him taking over when your in hospital. I made sure no.1 was the FIRST person to meet her...

Friday 24 March 12:57pm

bindi-c replied to topic Play Credit Cards?

My daughter also has a cash register from big w or kmart or wherever! She also has an old library card, mums old lotto card, hubbys old bank card and stuff like that. Some business cards are more "...

Monday 20 March 11:17pm

bindi-c replied to topic Calling all mums of walking 10 month olds!!

I think you need to find yourself new friends! If they can't be happy for you and your bub, then stuff em!!! I've found myself a few close friends that all have kids the same age and are all genui...

Monday 20 March 10:49pm

bindi-c started new topic Siblings

My little girl just started kindy this year. Once I get home from dropping her off in the mornings her little brother crawls and looks into every room in the house trying to find his sister. He eve...

Saturday 18 March 11:44pm

bindi-c replied to topic I cannot be bothered with daughter

I felt the exact same way just recently. I was feeling really down about it and I felt I couldn't talk to anyone because they'd all view me as a horrible mother. I ended up having a chat to a close...

Saturday 18 March 11:32pm

bindi-c replied to topic DUMMIE PROBLEM

I also limited my daughters dummy to sleep only. Then I made a star chart. She had to sleep 7 nights without the dummy and she got a prize at the end. Every night she'd cry and say she wanted the d...

Saturday 18 March 11:20pm

bindi-c replied to topic 16 mths and climbing out of her cot!

Definately buy a bed. I think as soon as they learn to climb out of the cot, it's time for a bed. It doesn't matter about the age. I used the bed rails (I think they were made by Safety 1st) for my...

Saturday 18 March 11:14pm
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