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tired mum

tired mum replied to topic SHORT BABY NAMES - BOY/GIRL

Hi New mum, lets see, there is Jay, Jhy, Rhett, Ben, Zac, Alex,Alec,Tim,Sam,Noah and Dean just a few boys names. Now for girls names, Khia, Laura, Amy, Amber, Anne, Mia, Cara, Erin, Sara, Kate and...

Wednesday 20 October 12:26pm
tired mum

tired mum replied to topic Un-common baby names starting with 'A'?

Hi cindymum2B, How about Alyssia for a girls name. That is what I have used as a middle name for my daughter Miranda. Best of luck in choosing your childs name.

Wednesday 20 October 12:16pm
tired mum

tired mum started new topic Playgroup in Boronia area

Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of a playgroup in the Boronia area that has room for someone new. I am 35 yrs old and have 5 children (2step children) 4 of which are at school and a 10month old daug...

Wednesday 20 October 07:26am
tired mum

tired mum replied to topic Stepkids, first baby, working mum ---- tired:)

Hi, I am a 35yr old mother of 5children all up. I have a step daughter 14, step son 11, three children of my own from previous marriage, 9 yr old daughter and a 7 year old son. My new husband and ...

Wednesday 20 October 07:11am
tired mum

tired mum replied to topic my 4year old swears at me.

Hi, I too had a problem with my son swearing at about the same age. I use to put soap in his mouth and tell him he must have dirt in there that needed to be washed away as it was making dirty words...

Sunday 17 October 10:05am
tired mum

tired mum replied to topic COWS MILK AT 9 MONTHS???

Hi New Mum I have just started giving my 10mth old cows milk in a cup after her breakfast and occasionally in a bottle when I feel she needs a little extra(she is B/F) during the day as she lke to ...

Saturday 16 October 10:15am
tired mum

tired mum replied to topic How long did you breastfeed for?

Hi M2G, I too have a 10mth old daughter and am still B/F. I would like to continue untill she is at least 12mths (if she continues not to bite that is. She has 6 teeth) then look at how I feel abo...

Saturday 16 October 09:54am
tired mum
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