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snowwhite started new topic GP balwn and surrounds

hi there I am looking for a good GP that does antenatal care ideally in balwyn northbut happy to travel to surrounding suburbs - eg kew, hawthorn,camberwell, bulleen, ivanhoe etc etc thanks in advance

Sunday 29 July 07:59pm

snowwhite started new topic anyone around balwyn north

Hi there Just wondering if there are anyb mums and bubs in the balwyn north (or kew/camberwell/hawthorn/) etc DS (13months) and I (32) would love to meet up for coffee/parks/indoor playcentre etc. ...

Thursday 19 April 07:07pm

snowwhite started new topic frozen peas and corn

Hi there Am starting to vary DS diet and like to make his food up in batches and freeze. Just wondering is I can use frozen peas and corn, cook with other vegies and refreeze? Or should I use fre...

Tuesday 19 September 06:58pm

snowwhite started new topic what size pigeon teats

Hi there DS is now almost 6 months old and we are still using the Y sized peristaltic teats. he seems ok on most feeds but sometimes he sems to be sucking away quite avidly but not actually be dr...

Monday 04 September 06:34pm

snowwhite started new topic moving to Melbourne

Hi there! We are a family of three (DS now 6months) moving from perth to Melbourne for on eyear in jan 2007. Dh will be working in Parkville and we would love advice re childcare cenres and where...

Monday 04 September 06:13pm

snowwhite started new topic ski trip

Hi - we wil be going to NZ for ski trip in three weeks time when DS will be 5 months old. DS won't be hitting th e ski fileds but i am unsure as to how to dress him warmly enough? We live in Perth...

Friday 28 July 07:36pm

snowwhite started new topic won't feed or settle in public

hi just wondering if anyone else has the same problem? DS gets so stmulated in public that we won't feed or sleep when we are out any suggestions? cheers

Wednesday 21 June 04:37pm

snowwhite started new topic i feel like a failure

hi DS is now almost 12 weeks old and I feel like I stil can't get things right. I tried for a long while to get a routine happening ie feed,play,sleep and a roughly a 2-4 hr feed schedule. (wokred...

Monday 12 June 12:00pm

snowwhite started new topic change to routine

Hi there Just wondering what is happening at the mo. DS is almost 11 weeks old now and was fedding every 3-4 hours, with a good 1- 1 and 1/2 hour naps in between but just in the last week he has ...

Tuesday 06 June 09:47am

snowwhite started new topic bottle advice

hi there bubs is now 9 wks old and i'm worried my supply isn't so great. He will suck for about 5 mins then fall asleep, and we have to try and wake him up so he can complete the feed (otherwise h...

Monday 29 May 01:44pm

snowwhite started new topic when do you go out?

Hi there Just wondering when everyone goes out/walikng/shopping/visiting in the whole feed/play/sleep routine?? Eg if you have to go to a doctor's appt - do you feed earlier/later? We find that bub...

Tuesday 18 April 07:21am

snowwhite started new topic feed and sleep

Hi there DS in now 3 weeks old and we are tryin to get a routine of sorts going ie feed/play/sleep. During the day we often have to wake him to feed if he goes beyond three hours. However, we fin...

Wednesday 12 April 09:54am
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