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tracka started new topic Whats your new name???

From: Holland Joined: 11-January 06 Something funny... Just follow the instructions and tell us what your new name would be. Sometimes when you have a stressful day or week, you need s...

Thursday 02 February 02:10pm

tracka replied to topic Anyone from Mackay QLD

Hi kelly, I'm tracey, i'm also from Mackay I have two children, the youngest who is 15mths. I hope everything is going ok with your pregnancy, would love to chat. Tracka

Tuesday 20 September 05:48pm

tracka replied to topic This or That Game Part 2 ( the other thread is getting to long)

Got to be chocolate!! Toilet paper over or under?

Thursday 14 April 11:46am

tracka replied to topic Any late breastfeeders?

My bubs is 10 mths and i'm still feeding her. Going to try to feed her til 12mths. Loves her morning feed and her night feed. During the day she has two or three feeds depending on the day were hav...

Sunday 10 April 07:00pm

tracka replied to topic Online Mums Group... Join in the fun

Would love to join your mums group if its still going. Email me at

Saturday 09 April 12:11pm

tracka replied to topic help 2 adhd kids who wont sleep

HI seonee, I'm Tracey. While I don't have any solid advice for you I just wanted to say keep your chin up. Perhaps a later bed time and an awards system might help. KIds love attention and praise. ...

Tuesday 19 October 05:46pm

tracka started new topic Little People names

Hi I'm tracey and I was wondering If anyone else has found the perfect name for their kids only to have other people ask how to say it, or spell it? My little people go by the names of Amber-jo ...

Tuesday 19 October 05:36pm

tracka started new topic Any mums from Mackay?

Hi I'm tracey. I have two adorable girls A.J(12) & Hayla(4mths). I'd love to hear from any mums in the Mackay area or anywhere really. Hope to hear from you soon Love & light Tracey

Tuesday 19 October 05:22pm

tracka replied to topic Is there any older mums out there?

Hi My names Tracey. I've justed turned 35 and have a 4mth old bubba. I also have a 12yr old. So its been like starting all over again. I was starting to think i was the only older mum on this site ...

Monday 18 October 12:19pm

tracka started new topic age gaps between kids

Hi, I was wondering if there are others out there who have a big gap between their kids. I have 2 adorable girls A.J who is 12 (3/4) and Hayla who is 4mths(already). I'd love to hear what the age ...

Monday 18 October 12:10pm

tracka replied to topic anyone from north queensland

Hi Ladies How"s it going? I live in Mackay not quite sure if thats nth qld or not. Have two adorable girls A.J whos 12 and Hayla whose just turned 4mths. Would love to hear from anyone as its been ...

Monday 18 October 11:55am
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