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Jenn started new topic Extra Vitamins?

I am pregant with twins, due early October. I was wondering if I should be taking any extra vitamins/ a multi vitamin? I was taking the folic acid and iron tablets for the first 3 months, but hav...

Tuesday 11 April 08:41am

Jenn started new topic 17mth old LOVES Books

My 17month old son is Obsessed with books at the moment. He has several, and comes up to me all day long, giving me the book to read to him. He also sometimes sits by himself and 'reads' through th...

Thursday 30 March 11:33am

Jenn started new topic Twins Due In Oct 06

Hello, I found out last week that I am having twins, due start of October 2006. This is my second pregnancy (I have a 17month old son, Matthew), and we were pretty shocked when the ultra sound show...

Tuesday 28 March 08:53am

Jenn replied to topic Any October 2004 babies??

Hi All. My son Matthew was born Oct 14th. He rolls and rolls all day long. It looks like he is trying to crawl, as he lifts his bottom up and tries to kick off with his legs. He just won't sit up...

Thursday 21 April 08:03am

Jenn replied to topic due in october "04" mums to be buddies

Hi Everyone, I am due 20th October 04, first baby. Don't know whether its a boy or girl. Am a bit scared about the actual birth, but can't wait to finally meet my baby. All the best to everyo...

Wednesday 15 September 08:36am
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