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kaynesmummy replied to topic Your Dental Tips

I brush Kaynes teeth for him first, then i brush my teeth and let him hold his toothbrush and 'brush' his own teeth, we have been doing this since he was 10mths old!! Works good for me!!

Friday 22 April 07:02pm

kaynesmummy replied to topic WHEN DO WE STOP BABYS GO OF THE BOTTLE

Hi, Kayne is now 14mths, and I took him off the bottle about 2mths ago!! i told him that the new baby will need the bottles casue they are for babies, and he's a big boy now, and then i took him o...

Friday 22 April 06:59pm

kaynesmummy started new topic Is he too young????

Kayne is now nearly 15mths old, he has started showing interest in the toilet, and will tell me that he has done a poo or wee, but only after he has done it, never before. He will come into the to...

Tuesday 15 March 01:46pm

kaynesmummy started new topic Pressure!!!

Do you think the pressure on women to breastfeed contributes to many women to stress out and decrease milk flow, therefore going to bottlefeeding?? What role, if any, do you think pressures from bo...

Thursday 17 February 11:09am

kaynesmummy started new topic worried about milk intake!!!

Hi, I am new here, my name is Amanda, and I have a 13mth old son Kayne. I am alittle bit worried about his milk intake, I have visited health nurses, but they have just confussed me more!! Kayne ...

Tuesday 15 February 10:04am
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