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BaByDoLL82 replied to topic solids - how much

I think you are supossed to gradually increase to half a cup (125ml) of food at each meal. My daughter is nearly 6 1/2 months old and she has 1 1/2 tbs rice cereal or museli (mixed with formula) i...

Tuesday 25 January 07:52pm

BaByDoLL82 replied to topic Skinny mum, Flabby tummy?

i can totally relate to all of you, although i was 50kgs before i got pregnant, now i am 58kgs, i go to the gym FOUR times a week for an hour each time, and i STILL have a little pouch =( i wish i...

Friday 31 December 08:55pm

BaByDoLL82 replied to topic C-Section Issues - Numb Tummy

i too had a c-section, mine is still numb just under the incision, and i get shooting pains too. Good to hear its normal, i was starting to wonder about it!

Friday 31 December 08:49pm

BaByDoLL82 replied to topic July 2004 Bubs

I have a safe n sound convertable seat and my daughter has been in the front faceing position for about a month now... A lot of girls i know with babies have put their child in a forward facing po...

Friday 31 December 08:40pm

BaByDoLL82 replied to topic July 2004 Bubs

Hi! =) My little girl Taliya was born on July 14th 2004. Shes not sitting up yet, although she is rolling over both ways now. Nice to meet all of u

Monday 27 December 04:10pm

BaByDoLL82 replied to topic Teenaged mother, not incompetant mother...

Hi, I am 22 and had my baby when i was 21. I look a lot younger than i am, and i always get PLENTY of looks when i go out to the shops. They can think and say what they like, because some of them ...

Monday 27 December 04:02pm

BaByDoLL82 replied to topic baby not drinking. Is it too hot or is he teething??

Hello My daughter is 2 days older than your son =) she is also going through the same thing.. Some days she will only have about 500mls in a whole day ( i think they are meant to have at least 700...

Monday 27 December 03:38pm

BaByDoLL82 started new topic S26 Gold AlphaPro

Had anyone used this? I bought a can of it last week and it smells weird and my daughter will hardly drink it.. I had to go tto the chemist and buy one of the old cans of it. Im wondering if ther...

Monday 27 December 03:32pm

BaByDoLL82 replied to topic Not gaining weight - told to start solids

Hi =) I would start weighing her once a month instead. I used to go to the health nurse at the chemist once a week and sometimes my daughter (5 and a half months) wouldnt put on any weight, and so...

Monday 27 December 03:22pm

BaByDoLL82 replied to topic Where can I get Infacol wind drops?

Hi, I went to see a health nurse at soul patterson chemist a few weeks ago, and she told me that Infacol wind drops have been taken off the market for the moment because apparently they may contain...

Monday 27 December 03:15pm
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