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justine.2 replied to topic Demazin?

Hi, I have twin boys 13mths now and I have used Demazin for colds for both of them. I found it really does help stop the runny nose which is particularly helpful at night time. I spoke to the Pha...

Saturday 27 March 07:59pm

justine.2 replied to topic routines?!

Hi Kellie, Both of my boys when they were at 5 1/2 months would go to bed and wake for feeds overnight just like Sienna. Eventually they dropped the 10pm-1am feed and slept through. One of my b...

Friday 30 January 06:20pm

justine.2 replied to topic Screaming babies

HI I know it is hard when your baby cries and you just can't figure out why. I have twin boys and one that cried quite often. Some things that I tried that worked was taking his pants, socks and ...

Monday 19 January 08:08am

justine.2 replied to topic Stimulation

Hi I have twins 11mths. I used to do the same thing, spending some time play with them and other times letting them play on their own. I still do this now. Babies can get over stimulated. If y...

Friday 16 January 06:57pm

justine.2 replied to topic am i feeding my girl to much

Hi mummysgirl I have twins 11mths. They are on the smaller side in size. They have 3 meals (4-5 tablespoons each meal) a day plus 4 sometimes 5 bottles. They were born premature but even taking t...

Friday 16 January 06:51pm

justine.2 replied to topic what to do for there 1st Birthday

HI Mishelle I am a new mum also and I am at a loss at what to do for the twins first birthday. I recently went to a first birthday for one of the babies in my mothers group. It was at a play cent...

Thursday 15 January 05:04pm

justine.2 replied to topic Is it hard to stick with a routine or is it just us

HI I have 10mnth twin boys and both with different personalities. I tried to get a routine happening but it was hard and stressful. So I decided to go with the flow and what the boys wanted and ...

Thursday 15 January 03:41pm

justine.2 replied to topic Dropping night feed

Victoria, My boys eat three meals a day now. I started them of on rice cereal which they didn't really like. So I decided to just by the Heinz baby cereal in the jars. Once they started to eat ...

Tuesday 13 January 07:43pm

justine.2 replied to topic Dropping night feed

I have 10 mth old twin boys. They have different sleep patterns the elder twin sleeping through from 5mths and the other from 7mths. I weened the younger twin off the 3am feed but continued with ...

Monday 12 January 07:05pm

justine.2 replied to topic Twins Girls

Hi there, I am a mum of twin boys (now 10mths). The boys share a room and I found that if they didn't go down well for a sleep they would wake each other up. Sometimes I have to split them up. ...

Monday 12 January 06:50pm
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