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MommaeJane88 replied to topic Coldsores

Cold sores are super annoying to have, pregnant or not. I like that [almost] everyone here is recommending natural treatments. I've tried the Tea Bag approach before, I also tried Honey as I&#...

Wednesday 14 September 09:45am

MommaeJane88 replied to topic Stressed about wife's pregnancy complications!!

Hi, Well it's very nice that you reached out to this community for your wife. Well, first off, exercise is really the way to go as it would help your wife not only with the pain but with t...

Tuesday 13 September 02:34pm

MommaeJane88 replied to topic What can you eat to help ease the symptoms of morning sickness?

Wow, these are good tips. I do agree with the crackers too since that did wonders for me. And I remember Gatorade Blue Bolt being my drink of choice then which helped control my nausea and keep me ...

Tuesday 13 September 02:32pm

MommaeJane88 replied to topic C-Section to Normal Birth

Hi, Josephine! I'm no expert on the matter, but I have had a C-section with my first child too. I'm going to base my answer on experiences of some women in my life. I know about 3 people...

Tuesday 13 September 02:29pm

MommaeJane88 replied to topic If you have (or have had) anxiety or depression what have you tried to ease the symptoms?

I remember going through depression at different points in my life. I went through a terrible depression when I was 17 that caused me to try to take my own life, thank God that failed. I also exper...

Tuesday 13 September 02:24pm
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