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astaples started new topic Gina Ford followers meet-up

On Saturday 23rd Feb 2008 we are holding a casual get-together for all Contented Baby (Gina Ford) routine followers at New Farm Park near the playground equipment at 3-3.30pm. The idea is for lik...

Friday 01 February 08:55pm

astaples replied to topic babies in their own rooms vs in your room

Hi Naomi, Looks like I am the odd one out here - my son (now 12 mths) has been in his own room since day 1 although I slept in his room for the first 3 weeks until I couldn't cope anymore with all...

Wednesday 16 August 10:56am

astaples replied to topic Bottle Feeding Problems - will they last forever?

HI sarah, Sorry to hear you're having problems. Have you ruled out silent reflux? My DS suffered this from 11 weeks and it is really hard to diagnise as there are no outward signs. THey regurgitate...

Wednesday 31 May 01:41pm

astaples replied to topic feeding routine

Hi Rachel, Ed is 9 months but he has been on the following feeding routine since 8.5 months. 7am 220ml bottle formula 8am Breakfast - 1/2 weetbix (oat cereal) + 3 tbs fruit (pureed or mashed) + 6...

Saturday 27 May 05:42am

astaples replied to topic Formula advice?? Just starting out with 7 mth old.

Not sure what type of formula you are using and no idea if there are different rules for each one but I make up the bottles of boiled water each night ready for the next day and then add the formul...

Friday 26 May 01:54pm

astaples replied to topic how many bottles for an 8 month old

My 9 month old is having the followig bottles: 7am 220ml 6.30pm 220ml I recently dropped his 3pm bottle as it was impacting on his dinner at 5pm and I have just replaced it with a sback of some yo...

Thursday 25 May 05:17pm

astaples replied to topic 11 month olds how manny bottles

Hi Alison, My DS is only 9 months old so not sure if this will be of any help but he currently has 2 x 220ml milk bottles (morning and night) and then has about 200-300mls water throughout the day.

Thursday 25 May 05:15pm

astaples replied to topic Standing in cot

Hi Joletta, I don't have this problem with Ed yet but I have heard that the best way to deal with this problem is to teach them how to get down on their own. So when you put her to bed it can he...

Friday 19 May 05:59am

astaples replied to topic HOW MANY NAPS A DAY SHOULD A 7 MONTH OLD HAVE

When Ed was 7 months he was having 30 mins in the morning around 9.15am and 2 hours at lunch around 12.45pm. Up at 7am (awake any time from 6) and bed at 6.45pm. He also used to have a short 15 min...

Wednesday 17 May 01:52pm

astaples replied to topic Constipation in Newborns

Hi Shanen, Have just found this website and message boards. Hope your LO's constipation has cleared up but if not, try some gripe water. It worked a treat for my little boy who had some constipatio...

Thursday 03 November 12:19pm

astaples started new topic Silent reflux

I suspect my son, 11weeks, formula fed since birth, might have silent reflux. Does anyone know if this is the same thing as acid reflux? Also what is the remedy for it? I am off to the doc tomorrow...

Thursday 03 November 12:00pm
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