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twinsx2 replied to topic baby bonding with dads

It's great to hear that so many dads are getting involved with their children at such an early age. Before our twins where born my husband and I decided that I would return to work when our babies ...

Sunday 28 September 04:36pm

twinsx2 replied to topic hip problems

Hi Lou2, My daughter also was diagnosed with clicky hips at 9 weeks, I was devastated, She was in a pavlik harness for three months and I thought it would never end. We have just had our first xra...

Sunday 28 September 04:11pm

twinsx2 started new topic 40minute sleeps

My son during the day is fully awake after 40 minutes, you can set your clock by him.I have tried to resettle him but this never works, if anyone out there has any tips/advise I would like to hear...

Tuesday 22 July 09:10am

twinsx2 replied to topic More about twins' development

Hi sskphua I am a mother of twins who are 5 and a half months old, my son is around 9 kilos and my daughter is just over 8 kilos. My son was 6.1lbs when he was born at 36 weeks and my daughter was...

Sunday 13 July 09:08am
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