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Ce112017629 replied to topic Outrageous Dental Costs

I have a question if the wisdom teeth can be removed or not? -------------

Monday 10 October 09:30pm

Ce112017629 replied to topic Teeth question..

I feel like a dodgy dentistry, I got 4 years ago my dentistry and I need more year to replace again. as my last dentistry said It would last for 4-5 years. . . . . . . . . . Esteem dental care

Monday 10 October 04:57pm

Ce112017629 replied to topic MISSING TEETH

My boy has missing teeth at the upper from left and right of his front teeth. I went to the dentist in anzac avenue dental and the dentist advice that the teeth will appear in another week.

Thursday 06 October 08:05pm

Ce112017629 started new topic Pram Liners

I have 2 years old nephew and I wanted to buy Pram liners for her as a birthday gift. I've found the site like outlookbaby, I'm going to purchase via online but I'm not so sure abou...

Tuesday 04 October 09:01pm
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