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Frannyhoneyb replied to topic ttc after mc, how u deal with other's pregnancies?

I am so sorry for your loss. That is something I don’t think you will ever get over. You will survive through it, but the pain will always be there and sometimes it will get worse before it gets be...

Monday 02 September 12:10am

Frannyhoneyb replied to topic Today I can't handle it

I know I felt that way a lot. Personally I skipped a few showers. It’s just too hard! Both mentally and emotionally. Even physically it’s hard. It feels like a barrier inside you just doesn’t let y...

Monday 02 September 12:08am

Frannyhoneyb replied to topic I’m so sick of rude comments!

'I'm worried I'll be infertile' said to me several times by so called best friend while she was planning her wedding (and planning to ttc as soon after the wedding as possible)....

Monday 02 September 12:07am

Frannyhoneyb replied to topic pregnant coworker is driving me crazy

I really understand what you’re going through and I feel your pain. My sister has had 2 kids since we've been trying. She just told me she's having another one. I look at people who are n...

Monday 15 April 06:56am

Frannyhoneyb replied to topic feel like a bad person

I know I'm not alone and this site has been a huge support group from me. I feel that I'm alone in my everyday life which I'm sure is true for most of us on this site. I'm grate...

Monday 25 February 05:36am
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