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Meflippa replied to topic 2 1/2 yr girl - still in huggies

I agree with aristol - best not to rush it. My girl is 2 1/2 yrs and not interested in the potty or toilet. She disappears to a corner of the room to "hide the poos" and tells me "I'm doing poos"...

Tuesday 19 July 04:12pm

Meflippa replied to topic advanced toddler?

Hi everyone, thanks for the interesting reading. My personal view is that all children learn at their own pace and I don't think they can learn too much too soon. Dee, if you know you're not push...

Tuesday 30 November 11:40am

Meflippa replied to topic misbehaviour at 2

Hi all, I can relate to a lot of what you're going through. In my experience, terrible twos start around 18 months, and it's like they hit 2 and take it to a whole new level. At least that's wha...

Tuesday 30 November 10:51am

Meflippa replied to topic funny things that the kids say

Thanks for the laughs. My daughter at 21 months was saying "good girl" to everyone when they did things right. One time she said to her boy cousin "good girl", so my mum said, "you mean, good boy...

Friday 26 November 10:08am

Meflippa replied to topic Starting Solids

Hi ks, I read your message and it sounds just like my daughter. She's 5 months this Sunday and the last few nights have been exhausting with her waking up grizzly and hungry because she didn't fin...

Saturday 05 April 11:23am

Meflippa replied to topic Nappy Rash

You could try Karicare nappy rash cream. (Do you get that in Aussie?). I use it sparingly on the rare occasion my daughter looks sore. I don't use wipes unless I'm out - just a soft flannel and ...

Thursday 03 April 11:30am

Meflippa replied to topic childhood ezcema

My sister recommended aqueous cream for eczema and dry skin. It's helped my daughter's skin - she gets occasional patches on her legs and the cream clears it up easily. She's 5 months old. It's v...

Thursday 03 April 11:25am

Meflippa replied to topic Starting Solids

I read somewhere recently about a formula for hungry babies that's called something like "formula for hungry babies". Apparently Nurture make it. Maybe check that out - it might help?. Other tha...

Thursday 03 April 11:16am

Meflippa replied to topic moving baby to a cot?

There's no set rules about age of moving babies into a cot. I suggest when your baby gets too big for the bassinette/cradle that's a good time to make the change. My daughter went into her cot at...

Thursday 03 April 11:05am
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