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Sandrape788 replied to topic Today I can't handle it

You are not at all selfish for saying that. In fact, even if I was in your place I would’ve said the same thing. Your mental peace is really important! Especially when you are on this journey. I fe...

Monday 01 July 12:41pm

Sandrape788 replied to topic ttc after mc, how u deal with other's pregnancies?

I'm sorry about your failed IVFs. And I'm so so sorry about your m/c. I had a m/c last year and it was awful. I remember feeling I should "pull myself together" - oh dear that w...

Thursday 20 June 08:15am

Sandrape788 replied to topic "Maybe there’re just no more babies for you"

Please don’t give up! Especially when you have such a lovely husband. The more you are worried /no hope you are stressing your body out. So please take one at a time. Don’t give up hun though I kno...

Wednesday 22 May 07:22pm

Sandrape788 started new topic ttc for 2 years and nothing

I’m sorry you couldn’t conceive during these years. I completely agree with you! There is no time to waste. Both you and your DH should start thinking about next step. If you are under 35 and you a...

Friday 01 February 11:26am

Sandrape788 replied to topic feel like a bad person

You’re definitely not alone. I was just out with dh and in a span of an hour I heard about 2 different couples that are preg. It is hard... I just try to think that my time will come soon. I guess ...

Monday 28 January 10:22am
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