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honeybear started new topic toddler nearly 2- how to stop night bottle in bed

Hi, I am having a fair bit of trouble trying to get my son out of the having a milk bottle when he is going to bed, he is nearly 2. I dont know whether to give him a cup when goes to bed or what. I...

Saturday 29 November 01:43pm

honeybear replied to topic Dropping 10pm feed

hi i was unsure about the dropping off feed as well like you. what i did was gradually ease him off an hour at a time over 2 weeks. he last feed was at 11pm not 10 so i eventually had him having hi...

Wednesday 13 August 12:23pm

honeybear replied to topic How much milk?

i have a 12 month old and he has been on two bottles of cows milk since he was nearly 11 months and he chose that himself. i give him some watered down juice ocasionally and he hasnt wanted another...

Wednesday 18 June 01:17pm

honeybear started new topic TODDLER - foods

hi. I am a first time mother of one.I arent to sure about some foods in which i am feeding my son. which at the moment he has gone off his food. this is not like him to do this as it has not been a...

Wednesday 18 June 12:36pm

honeybear replied to topic 4:30 am

just a quick question first how many sleeps is he having during the day? how long is he sleeping for in those sleeps?

Wednesday 18 June 12:24pm

honeybear replied to topic Sleeping

my son was doing the same thing so i put a radio on timer in his room down low. if he would stir i would go and check him and put his bottle back in his mouth and put the mobile on and walk out. i...

Wednesday 18 June 12:14pm
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