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Digiward replied to topic Maternity tights

No need to fork out $50!. You can get pretty cheap leggings and sports bras here

Saturday 03 February 01:32pm

Digiward replied to topic ANYONE A NURSE?

I love being a nurse, i studied a bachelors degree, and have been working for the past few years in shift work. I found my course through

Thursday 19 October 07:03pm

Digiward replied to topic teaching or nursing HELP

I also was a bit demotivated when studying my bachelor's. There are other options though if you don't want to be in the books for four years. You could also try a diploma of nursing. Have...

Sunday 23 July 06:17pm

Digiward replied to topic Finding Childcare in Melbourne

There are tons of free websites listing childcare centres in australia. One I have found helpful in the past is They have a comprehensive list and also has childcar...

Monday 19 December 09:05pm
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