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fieryruby replied to topic Almost a year old and still does night feeds

My daughter is almost 2. And we are still feeding through the night! I think you are right to go with her and she will let you know in time.

Saturday 17 August 02:04pm

fieryruby replied to topic Forceful let down affecting sleep. Help!

Hello, I am no expert but my MIL is a lactation consultant and said you can try changing positions? Have you tried La Leche or the KellyMom website?

Saturday 17 August 02:01pm

fieryruby started new topic Tantrums out in public! Eeek

Hi all, I have an almost 2 year old toddler. Whenever I take her out it's a huge battle to get into her carseat but worst of all she will throw herself backwards in a rage onto the ground. Sh...

Saturday 17 August 01:16pm
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