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mumyspud replied to topic Has anyone else survived 2 under 2yrs?

Hi, My babies are 17 months apart and so far it has been so rewarding. You will have bad days but everyone one does! Good luck with everything.

Wednesday 17 March 10:50pm

mumyspud replied to topic New member looking to chat...

Hi All... I'm 27 and a proud mummy to 2 bubs. I look forward to chatting to you all. Barbara.

Wednesday 11 February 10:18pm

mumyspud replied to topic sweating when sleeping

My angel (nearly 2!) gets sweaty at night too. I actually asked my doctor and she said that children are naturally hotter at this stage. Their sweat glands are still immature, well thats what she s...

Wednesday 11 February 10:08pm

mumyspud replied to topic dilema help advice needed

hi, This sounds familiar to me at times. All I do is give my daughter a big hug and tell her I love her and I am not angry with her. I try and do something with her for awhile so she is reasured. B...

Saturday 07 February 04:55pm

mumyspud replied to topic What is your 22 month old up to?

Hi, I have a 23 month old and a 6 month old. I found it not as hard as I thought. I don't have alot of family support and my hubby and I found that having a routine and sticking to it worked really...

Saturday 07 February 04:47pm

mumyspud replied to topic febrile convolsions

Hi, My sister who is now 21 had them until she was six. I remember helping mum to cool her down and I remember the hallucinations she would have. She went to the hospital many times and the Doctors...

Tuesday 27 January 03:46pm
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