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Zozodr44 started new topic I’m so sick of rude comments!

I’m so sick of people asking when we will have a baby. I've starting responding with "when everything starts working". I’m sick of people asking DH if he needs to be shown how it...

Sunday 01 September 11:11pm

Zozodr44 replied to topic How to let go of all the drama?

I know each and every one of you is right... For some strange reason I am the one who starts feeling guilty when she gets mad at me. WHY?!!? I've done NOTHING wrong. I've helped her in he...

Wednesday 31 July 10:23am

Zozodr44 started new topic How to let go of all the drama?

Hi ladies! I really need to get something off my chest. I'm sorry to have to do it here, but you ladies are such good listeners. My DH and I started ttc back in 2016. Unfortunately nothing wor...

Friday 26 July 01:19pm
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