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Bridgette replied to topic Swing set

Thank you all for your replys, I have got a Hills set at home and she just loves it, before it was all put together she was wanting to use it. Now when I don't have time to go to the park she can s...

Monday 29 September 03:27pm

Bridgette started new topic Swing set

I am wondering about getting a swing/slide set for my 18 month old girl. She loves the ones at the park, but I am wondering if it is a good idea to get one for home or just use the one at the park....

Tuesday 10 June 07:35am

Bridgette replied to topic Baby Harness

I know what you mean. My 17 month old girl was the same. I use a harnesses when we are out and she loves being able to walk. It gives her more freedom than me holding her hand and it keeps her with...

Saturday 07 June 08:00am

Bridgette replied to topic How much milk?

My soon to be 18month girl still has her 3 200ml bottles of milk a day. Some days she will not drink all the milk other days she does. Milk is the only drink she has in a bottle, she will don't dri...

Thursday 05 June 09:55am
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