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Kelsbells23 started new topic Determining Sex of Baby

Hi all At our 18 week ultrasound we asked what the sex of the baby might be. The lady who was doing the ultrasound said she thought she could see a scrotum and penis but wasn't sure. I really do...

Thursday 11 October 07:10am

Kelsbells23 started new topic James or Jamie

Hi all My hubby likes James for a boys name but I like Jamie. Do you think it would be weird to name a boy James but refer to him as Jamie? Kel

Wednesday 01 August 09:50am

Kelsbells23 replied to topic Vomiting during labour

Hi there I vomitted 3 times during labour and I couldn't control it, I also had the runs at the very begining of my contractions too. I had a very short intense labour and the midwife said it was ...

Tuesday 03 July 12:12pm

Kelsbells23 started new topic Public vs Private in Brisbane

Hi all I had my first child in NSW in the public hospital and had a wonderful experience. Since then I have moved to Brisbane and am expecting my second baby. I have heard all sorts of horror sto...

Tuesday 03 July 12:07pm

Kelsbells23 started new topic Older Step Son

Hi all I am almost 35 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I also have a seven year old step son from my husbands previous relationship. Although he lives in New Zealand with his mother, he visits ...

Saturday 29 April 07:41am

Kelsbells23 started new topic Playing Sport while pregnant

Hi all I am 12 weeks pregnant and I have continued to play touch football one evening a week. It didn't occur to me to ask my doctor if it was appropriate for me to play this game whilst pregnant...

Wednesday 23 November 09:45am
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