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Kazza02 replied to topic implanon

I had it put in last week, have a very nasty bruise on my arm from it and it did hurt but it's getting better now. Doesn't seem to have affected DS' feeding at all. I figure $35 for 3 years is a...

Tuesday 27 November 12:10am

Kazza02 replied to topic Was your BABY Born Bald or Full head of hair????

Both DD's had black curly hair when they were born but it soon fell out after birth and took AGES to grow - DD1 is light brown and only really started to grow quickly the last 12 months, she's 6, D...

Monday 19 November 02:57pm

Kazza02 replied to topic What baby products do you use or plan to you use on your baby?

HAPPYiFEEL wrote: thanks for these awsome advice! i did some research on moo goo products and i am so impressed with how natural everything is and it doesnt seem as costly as Gaia products! the oat...

Monday 19 November 02:54pm

Kazza02 replied to topic What baby products do you use or plan to you use on your baby?

I'm using oats to give DS an oat milk baths - no nasties, no chemicals, no lotions or oils required after. We used J & J once or twice and his skin started to flake. I've got eczema and DD1 h...

Sunday 18 November 03:42pm

Kazza02 replied to topic Breast pads

I use reusable breast pads - you need to look for bamboo ones with pul (just google it)- they will be the most absorbant and won't leak, don't bother with anything that is cotton (like avent) they ...

Sunday 11 November 07:33pm

Kazza02 replied to topic Christmas Presents!!

I love christmas present threads I just started thinking about my list the other night actually, stocking fillers are will be new textas and stationery etc since my kids tend to eat this stuff, ...

Wednesday 31 October 12:34pm

Kazza02 replied to topic reduction of baby bonus for subsequent babies

Curious question, if one parent doesn't have any kids and one does, would they get $3k or $5k you reckon? or would it come down to the mother only? Wondering if it would work like the first home o...

Tuesday 30 October 07:24pm

Kazza02 replied to topic How much milk to give????

I would probably give about 150ml. How have you frozen it? I freeze mine in icecubes so doesn't take long to defrost more if needed. Hate to waste any of it.

Monday 29 October 12:53pm

Kazza02 replied to topic Car seat in single cab ute?

Is there a bolt to attach the seat to? The reason I ask is my DH had a single cab ute for work and it didn't have a bench seat just the 2 front seats and we could only put an unanchored foam boost...

Wednesday 24 October 12:44pm

Kazza02 replied to topic How long did you stay in hospital after giving birth?

DD1 - 6 days - c-section, private hospital DD2 - 5 days - c-section, private hospital DS - 2 days - c-section, public hospital I was very shocked to be sent home after 48 hours of having DS I cou...

Tuesday 23 October 10:38pm

Kazza02 replied to topic just putting it out there!

There was a lady about 28weeks+ pregnant I reckon in the Dr's waiting room a week after I had DS and I almost cried! I miss having my bump and feel sad that it's unlikely I will be pregnant again ...

Tuesday 23 October 09:41pm

Kazza02 replied to topic What to buy a one month old?

Or a canvas painting to hang up in your bubs room and get all of your beautiful families hands and footprints all over it I LOVE this idea

Sunday 21 October 05:57pm

Kazza02 replied to topic Christmas tree

Do I have to put up a tree?? Do you think the kids would notice if we didn't have one?? Not looking forward the girls not leaving it alone, we lost quite a few decorations on the tiles last yea...

Sunday 21 October 05:50pm

Kazza02 started new topic Unplanned/ emergency...???

Gotta love "no kid" experts roll eyes Can't say I've heard that term though - I was told 3rd time round if I went into labour my c-section would be an "emergency". Arrive at hospital and straig...

Saturday 20 October 10:53pm

Kazza02 replied to topic When should I be concerned?

DD1 starting cruising furniture and walls at 8 months but didn't/wouldn't take any steps by herself until nearly 15 months and DD2 didn't start walking until 17 months.

Monday 15 October 12:32pm

Kazza02 replied to topic How early did you hear baby's heartbeat with a fetal doppler???

I thought it was around 14+ weeks but last pregnancy doc didn't even bother looking/offering until 17 weeks and even then it took ages and always did each appointment, my DS scooted away from the t...

Thursday 11 October 09:20pm

Kazza02 replied to topic Selling baby stuff, but what if I change my mind about having another??

Depends if you have space to store everything with 3 kids already? Personally I would just buy again, which is what I have done with #3 and he was a boy after 2 girls so different stuff needed any...

Tuesday 09 October 10:10pm

Kazza02 replied to topic Deciding whether to have number 2

Don't be afraid of a larger age gap, "most" believe that a 2-3 age gap is ideal but for some it's not. If you can't/don't want to make that decision right now then leave it and revisit later on. ...

Thursday 04 October 04:42pm

Kazza02 replied to topic How long does your newborn nap for during the day!?

You could try babywearing in something like an ergo baby carrier so you have your hands free to do other things. Otherwise do you have a baby sw...

Thursday 04 October 04:06pm

Kazza02 replied to topic Anyone have the magic bullet blender?

I bought one off the infomercials 7 years ago (they weren't available in shops back then) when I got married. Still works wonderfully except I don't use all the accessories, just the big and small...

Thursday 04 October 02:58pm
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