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Soph&Kay replied to topic Im going crazy

Hi, it might be a self settling issue and bubs is relying on you to put them back to sleep again after every sleep cycle. I used tizzie halls save our sleep book as a guide to self settling, tresil...

Thursday 22 June 06:35am

Soph&Kay replied to topic ahhh!!!!!!!!!! STRETCH MARKS!!!!!!!!!1

I've been using vitamin e cream, but I think stretch marks fade overtime... I had my children 5 years apart.. So the marks faded from the first pregnancy... And well there back again with some...

Saturday 15 April 07:51pm

Soph&Kay started new topic 4am/4.30am waking

My lovely 5 week old has been sleeping from 6 /6.30 pm until around 1/1.30am, she then wakes again at 4/4.30 am. If I feed her and resettle her she wakes every half hour to hour until 7 am ( when s...

Friday 14 April 08:27pm

Soph&Kay replied to topic Clingy toddler

By play centre do you mean daycare or playgroup? My daughter used to cling to me at playgroup at the age of 2 years, I used the strategy of involving her in an activity and gradually made myself mo...

Friday 14 April 08:09pm
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