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Rebeccahodgess replied to topic If I could spend a day without my kids, I'd...

On my kid free days i mix household jobs with my hobbies, groceries are easier nowadays as i drop them off at school and go to the shop, i work nights so my days are for getting my sewing projects ...

Thursday 06 April 08:35pm

Rebeccahodgess replied to topic Are you an older mum? New study reveals you are awesome!

Something that helps is when older generations support instead of condemn younger mothers! Of course older mothers are calmer, they don't have a quarter of the social stigma against them and t...

Thursday 06 April 08:27pm

Rebeccahodgess started new topic Upcycling baby and toddler items.

I love to repurpose things i have no more need of, like using old cloth nappies for general household cleaning, would love to hear everyone's repurposing accomplishments.

Thursday 06 April 01:55pm

Rebeccahodgess replied to topic 3 kids and pregnant with the 4th, i'm scared, confused and unsure :(

If you and your partner believe you may want another child in future, you can freeze sperm before a vasectomy, but this is pricey, if you don't continue your pregnancy your partner could delay...

Thursday 06 April 01:01pm
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