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Roz replied to topic Early Morning Feeds

My little boy is nearly 18 months now. In the first couple of months when I would get up during the night to feed my son, my husband would get up also to keep me company and get me water or anythi...

Saturday 15 March 08:04pm

Roz replied to topic Baby Harness

Thankyou everyone for your comments. We had our first shopping trip today with the harness. He wasn't very impressed but atleast it he held my hand and when he did let go and tried to take off, t...

Monday 10 March 08:52pm

Roz replied to topic Prams

My sister-in-law bought a good one called the "Kiwi Explorer". It's a 3 wheel 4WD pram but they recommend you attach another wheel to the front when using the toddler seat.

Sunday 09 March 09:09pm

Roz replied to topic No interest in standing

My son wasn't interested in standing until he was 11 months but started walking 2 weeks after that. I wasn't in a hurry for him to stand and walk, I figured he's got his whole life to walk around ...

Sunday 09 March 09:00pm

Roz replied to topic LEARNING TO CRAWL

My son was 11 months before he crawled on his hands and knees. Up until then, he did the commando style crawl along his stomach. A couple of weeks later, he was standing on his own. Then another...

Sunday 09 March 08:51pm

Roz replied to topic thinks that made u laugh

Poor thing. If I'd fallen over at 6 months, I'd never have gotten up ....... not without alot of help atleast. Could have been worse though, you could have re-enacted the fall for everyone in the ...

Thursday 06 March 08:06pm

Roz replied to topic breastfeeding

If you are interested, I posted my breastfeeding story in <Pregnancy & Birth><After the Birth><Breastfeeding>

Wednesday 05 March 09:14pm

Roz replied to topic Breastfeeding

I think breastfeeding is wonderful and tried to prepare myself the best that I could before the birth of my son. I read about breastfeeding, spoke to my sister and sister-in-law who had successful...

Wednesday 05 March 09:10pm

Roz replied to topic Nappy Rash

I hadn't heard of Granugen. I have only used Bepanthen which is quite thick. When my little boy was 13 months he had a severe nappy rash also and the Bepanthen together with regular nappy changes...

Wednesday 05 March 07:53pm

Roz started new topic Baby Harness

I was wondering what peoples views are on baby harnesses? I have an 18 month old boy who constantly runs off. When we go shopping, I leave him in his stroller but he wants to get out. If I do le...

Monday 03 March 09:16pm

Roz replied to topic Changing nappies

I think it's a common problem. Mine wass the same and when I did manage to get him to change a nappy, the dirtier it was, the more he carried on about it. I've now got him pretty well trained int...

Monday 03 March 08:49pm
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