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kjl+2 replied to topic Samples - Freebies

Hi, Could someone pretty please send me the list too? I sent Bree an email, but I forgot to put my email address! (like a lot of other forgetful mums lol). [email protected] Thanks heaps in ...

Wednesday 23 August 05:11am

kjl+2 replied to topic WHAT A CRACK UP !!

Thanks Nikki for posting this - what a classic! Mine said Kellie needs to finalise & get approval for a "motion for summary judjement" (boring) Kellie needs a clue Kellie needs a few acting lessons...

Monday 31 July 04:27am

kjl+2 replied to topic playdough recipe

Hi Lucasmum, As Shell said, the recipe is on the Cream of Tartar pkt, but that makes a huge amount, which I found would start to go a bit slimy after a while, plus it's all only one colour, but I w...

Wednesday 26 July 05:02am

kjl+2 started new topic 6 yo boy birthday present?

Hi Everyone, My nephew is turning 6 and I have absolutely no idea what to buy him. Can anyone out there give me some ideas pretty please??!! Many thanks, Kellie.

Friday 07 July 10:04am

kjl+2 replied to topic Please read - Additives

Hi Everyone, There is also an awesome site called ; that has lots of great info & fact sheets on all the different colours, preservatives etc. Take care all, Kellie.

Wednesday 05 July 04:04am

kjl+2 replied to topic Update -'won't stop touching herself'

Hi Beckie, I am so happy that things seem to be getting better for you. I hope the child mental health people are helpful and supportive. Let me say on behalf of the mums out there who didn't reply...

Friday 30 June 04:11am

kjl+2 replied to topic 14 month old sticks her fingers down her throat!

Hi Carra, I think this is common thing with toddlers as there are quite a few posts on this subject, and my daughter did it too - luckily not to the point of throwing up like some of the other post...

Friday 30 June 03:39am

kjl+2 replied to topic Child throwing up after every meal

Hi Kim, First of all let me say how horrible for you, not only having to clean up all that mess, but the worry of it as well. I would be getting her checked at the doctors to rule out any medical c...

Friday 30 June 03:32am

kjl+2 replied to topic DOGS.....

Hi Tania, I have been a vet nurse for nearly 20 years, and have seen many "lovely, friendly"dogs put to sleep for turning on a member of the family. All the other posts are right - never trust ANY ...

Tuesday 27 June 09:18am

kjl+2 replied to topic Tonsilitus 4 times in 2yo

Hi there, My best friend's 2 boys are both off to the ENT specialist this week to be evaluated for having their tonsils out. Her youngest who is 19 months has had tonsillitis 11 times in the last 1...

Tuesday 27 June 08:18am

kjl+2 replied to topic my little crusty head!

Hi Kathryn, My daughter had cradle cap as a baby, then it went away, and then it came back at about the same age your son is!! My DH and I found the most effective thing was good old johnsons baby ...

Tuesday 27 June 08:10am

kjl+2 replied to topic Which comment best describes your attendance to playgroup:

I attend playgroup regularly, in fact we go to 2 different ones, because my daughter loves to play with other kids and I love the interaction with other mums. One group is attended by most of my mo...

Friday 23 June 06:48am

kjl+2 replied to topic Would Love some meal ideas for 2yr old dinners.

Hi Amy, Here are some things my daughter (just turned 3) enjoys for dinner: * Good old spag. bol, but in our household we use spiral pasta instead of actual spaghetti - it holds the sauce better an...

Friday 23 June 06:36am

kjl+2 replied to topic Whats your rountine for 2 1/2-3 year old

Hi Everyone, My almost 3 yo wakes up 6.15-6.45 and has milk and then breakfast juggled around getting breakfast/changing etc 9mth old. She potters around and plays for a while, then I let her watch...

Friday 02 June 12:00pm

kjl+2 replied to topic Please immunise for chickenpox!

Hi Charmaine, I totally agree with you. My DD has been immunised but DS is too young yet, and I worry for him sometimes. It makes me angry when I hear parents say they won't get their kids imm. aga...

Friday 02 June 11:42am

kjl+2 replied to topic 20 year age gap....all has changed

Hi Nkechi, Well done going through the whole baby thing again!! I have not been throught the weaning off the breast process, both my babies had to go to the bottle very early, but I sympathise with...

Monday 08 May 04:02am

kjl+2 replied to topic constant coughing!!!!!!!HELP

Hi Kezal, Does the cough get worse at night? Sometimes the cool, dry air at night can make a cough worse (we've all had a cold where we seem to start coughing as soon as we lay down at night - frus...

Monday 08 May 03:44am

kjl+2 replied to topic Reward Charts

Hi Sharyn, The label company Stuck on you does one they call a "positive attitude star chart", and I think the Early Learning Centre shops also have one. The other thing you coul...

Monday 01 May 03:29am

kjl+2 replied to topic Neglectful Dad

Oh Michelle, I really feel sad and angry for you! AS the last replier said, you must be one strong lady, to not have walked by now. Obviously your fiance has good points (I hope), or you wouldn't s...

Saturday 29 April 11:12am

kjl+2 replied to topic Mummy Guilt

Hi Mia Isn't Mummy guilt the craziest thing?! We all feel it, and I do exactly the same things as you - play with DD at times, but also do my own thing - we need to for our own sanity, especially i...

Saturday 29 April 10:52am
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