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Ryn replied to topic Should I keep Breastfeeding my 3 week old?

Hi THanks to all of you for your posts!! It is nice to feel so supported in a time I really needed some support and addvice. I think I'm going to start him on the bottle gradully over the next w...

Tuesday 06 November 06:27am

Ryn started new topic Should I keep Breastfeeding my 3 week old?

I gave birth to my second son just under 3 weeks ago. I breastfed my 1st son for 3 months. All was fine but I didn't enjoy it but I kepted it up because I was told it was best for him. When I fin...

Saturday 03 November 06:09pm

Ryn started new topic Sleep needed! restettling dramas!!

Hi all My DS is 4 and half months old. He has a feed at 6:00 and a dream feed at 9.30. He is easy to put to sleep just wrap him and before you have left the room his alseep. My problem is th...

Saturday 24 June 05:47pm

Ryn started new topic Advice needed....Should I stop breastfeeding????

I need some advice (not pressure!!!) I have a 7 week old son. He is very healthy and putting on a good amount of wieght... For the first three weeks he was having both breast and bottle feeds as...

Friday 24 March 11:51am

Ryn replied to topic Sleeping through the night

Hi Blakey Your on sounds the same as mine... I give him a dreamfeed about 10 and he wakes for a feed sometime betweeen 3 and 5. He is 7 weeks old. I'm breastfeeding and I've been told that make...

Thursday 23 March 05:45am

Ryn started new topic MSN Messanger

I am a first time mum. I have a son who is seven weeks old. I was wondering if anyone with similar aged babies wanted to use MSN Messanger to share problems, ideas and general support each other,...

Monday 20 March 03:42pm
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